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Annual Giving Fund:  Immediate Impact


The Annual Giving Fund has an Immediate Impact

In order to continue providing options for the community, NIS relies on monetary contributions each year to support our annual budget, and the best way to support NIS is by making a contribution to the school’s Annual Giving Fund. The Annual Giving Fund helps ensure the school community can continue to provide the best education possible.

"Unrestricted Donations" allow NIS to use funds where they are needed most, whether for curriculum development, facilities enhancements, learning materials, field trips, etc.  These donations are, in fact, the most appreciated, as each year is different with distinct budget needs. Donors simply need to indicate “Unrestricted.”

"Restricted Donations" are also extremely beneficial. A Restricted Donation allows donors a chance to designate funds for a specific purpose or project. Currently, the school has three preferred areas for restricted funds:

  • NIS STEM Fund  (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)   The NIS STEM Fund helps bring the future to all of our students today by supporting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics at every level. The school has two goals: (1) significantly increase the number of lap-top computers for elementary classrooms, and (2) build on previous donations to provide more equipment to support biology, chemistry, and physics teaching in the secondary school.
  • Dolphin Athletics Support Fund   The Dolphin Athletics Support Fund supports the secondary athletics department by providing additional funds to purchase new uniforms and sports equipment and subsidize athletic trips and tournaments.
  • NIS Scholarship Fund    The NIS Scholarship Fund provides financial support to qualified students who otherwise could not afford to attend NIS. This support is essential to enable NIS to continue to maintain a diverse student body.


* NIS is a certified Tokutei Koeki Zoshin Hojin (特定公益増進法人), and donations to NIS  (over ¥2,000) can be deducted from your Japanese taxes. Please consult a tax accountant as each family or corporation’s circumstances are unique.


Become a Legacy Donor

Regardless of what type of donation you make, restricted or unrestricted, for each ¥250,000 amount given, donors are eligible to become a “Legacy Donor” and place a commemorative nameplate on a seat in the East Building Multi-Purpose Hall (MPH) while they last!



Thank You!

For any questions regarding the Annual Giving Fund or more information about becoming a Legacy Donor, please contact the NIS Development Office at:


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To contact the NIS Development Office directly:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Tel: 052-736-2025
  • Fax: 052-736-3883
  • Postal Mailing Address: Nagoya International School, 2686 Minamihara, Nakashidami, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya Japan 463-0002