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Support of Our Mission Makes a Difference

For over 50 years, NIS and our students have benefited from the generous support of businesses, governments, parents, alumni and friends in the community. This support has been given through generous contributions of funds, time and resources, and has enabled us to continue to provide a quality education to the Nagoya community. We are very grateful to each and every one of these energetic supporters and volunteers who have been invaluable in helping us to deliver our school's mission to every student, every day.

* NIS is a certified Tokutei Koeki Zoshin Hojin (特定公益増進法人), and donations to NIS  (over ¥2,000) can be deducted from your Japanese taxes. Please consult a tax accountant as each family or corporation’s circumstances are unique.


Many Ways to Give

As a non-profit independent school, support is invaluable in helping us to deliver our school's mission to every student every day. It helps to fill in the extras needed to provide a world class international education in the Chubu area through several different pathways:

The Annual Giving Fund helps to support the annual budget for the school and donors are able to give to specific areas of the school, such as STEM education, Dolphin sports programs, or the Scholarship fund, or they can leave it to the school to decide where the funds will be best utilized for that particular year.

The Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament is a great way to support the school while having a fun day out on the course! More than just a good time, however, this annual event provides vital monetary support to our scholarship fund, which in turn helps NIS attract qualified students in the community that might otherwise not be able to attend. 

The NIS Community Raffle is another annual event that includes the entire school community and beyond, highlighting the fact that with everyone coming together, we can have a significant impact on our school with direct benefits going to the students. 

Friends of NIS became a registered 501(c)(3) charity August of 2019. Alumni and friends living in the U.S. can give to the school in dollars as a tax deductible donation by credit card,  bank transfer using Zelle, or by personal check. It is a great way for people living outside Japan to help support the school!


Giving in Other Ways

Monetary donations are just one way to give to the school. Support through donation of your time, skills, or gifts in kind are also very appreciated. This could be anything from signing up to be one of our Parent Partners to sharing a specific skill with the students or the staff. Perhaps you have a gift or service you can donate for a school fundraiser? Or maybe you are seeking student interns? We’d love to hear more about how our students might benefit from a connection with you, your company, or organization. Please fill out This Form and let us know how you'd like to help!


We Appreciate Your Support!

Whether time, skills, or money, NIS students derive invaluable benefits directly from the support we receive from the community. This in turn ripples back to the community as NIS is able to continue to provide the highest quality of international education that the Chubu region has grown to expect. Please help us to continue this legacy of excellence by giving what you can. 


To contact the NIS Development Office directly:

  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Tel: 052-736-2025
  • Fax: 052-736-3883
  • Postal Mailing Address: Nagoya International School, 2686 Minamihara, Nakashidami, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya Japan 463-0002