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Visual & Performing Arts


Visual and Performing Arts classes are an essential component of the NIS curriculum and our community celebrates the unique and shared values of art, music and drama. Our goal is for students to gain an appreciation for a variety of art forms and to instill a sense of confidence and self-respect within our students. Our facilities reflect this philosophy.

The NIS music program is a compulsory program running from kindergarten through to grade 9 with further elective music learning opportunities offered in grades 9 & 10. The nature of the program offers a wide breadth of musical experience for all students which aims to nurture an innate love and curiosity of music via appreciation and participation in music making activities. The music program aims to offer an inclusive and student led learning experience for all participants building on their developing awareness of the key musical elements, harmony, melody, rhythm and musical form imbedded in engaging learning activities driven by student’s core musical interests. Students will be empowered through their developing understanding of practical musicianship exploring a wide range of instrumental roles and vocal practice which they will realize in a diverse range of musical genres including, Pop, Rock, Progressive music, World and Classical.

In drama and theater courses at NIS, a variety of instructional techniques are used to enhance student learning. Middle school courses aim to  to build confidence and self-awareness, while high school drama concentrates on the entire production of a play - not only performance, but also set design and construction, and sound and lighting.  The main stage in the commons performing space has been redesigned with a new lighting system and additional sound equipment. Classes are held regularly in the Wing Building stage area which has been turned into a mini-"Black Box" theater space.

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