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Student Life at NIS

Each student who enrolls in NIS comes with a unique background and individual set of interests, strengths and needs. It is our job as a school community to collectively provide a supportive environment in which students can feel safe and secure to develop and nurture that potential.

In addition to providing an opportunity for students to succeed academically, schools must also take care to ensure that each student is comfortable, healthy, and making good choices. Getting to school safely, feeling confident, feeling well in both mind and body, all are simple yet important parts of providing a warm and supportive school community.

NIS strives to provide a variety of activities and support mechanisms for a diverse range of needs and goals for each student in our community, regardless of age. From additional support in accessing the curriculum to a strong after-school sports program, each student at NIS has the opportunity to augment the learning in the classroom through the support and guidance of our school community.



Student Life video CTA


High school girls wearing black and green Nagoya dolphin uniforms with shouting together before a volleyball game