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Social/Emotional Counseling

The NIS counseling program aims to provide NIS students with the social, emotional, and academic support they need to lead happy, successful and productive lives. 

In addition to facilitating the university admission process for the high school students, the guidance counselor assists teachers and families with interventions for students, presents character education to class groups, and supports the general health and welfare of students. 

Being part of a diverse, international school setting and community with students coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultural sensitivity, transition issues, and personal problem solving skills are of particular importance for the NIS counseling program. As such, the goals of the counseling program at NIS are for students:

  • To UNDERSTAND the concepts related to lifelong learning, interpersonal relationships, responsible citizenship, and education/career planning.
  • To DEVELOP learning skills, social skills, a sense of social responsibility, and the ability to 
  • effectively formulate and pursue educational/career goals.
  • To APPLY this learning to their lives and work within both the local and global community.

Student Guidance Support Methods


Personal and Group Counseling

In order to best meet the social, emotional, and academic needs of our NIS students, specific counseling appointments might be requested at some point during the school year with the school counselor. These appointments might be student or parent initiated or could be referrals from teachers and/or school administration. The format of the counseling will depend on the type of issues to be discussed and the participants involved.


Personal Counseling

This is essentially one-on-one counseling between the school counselor and the student in question. The atmosphere is of a very open and unassuming nature with only the student's best welfare in mind. Issues could center on social, emotional, or academic issues or a combination of the three. The focus is on open and honest communication, clear identification of the concerns in hand, and developing sound strategies that will allow the student to take more ownership and control over each issue.


Referral Counseling

When issues arise that require a more specialized expertise, the school, in conjunction with the school counselor will work with the family in question to assist them with obtaining the appropriate resources they require. Outside referral to organizations either within or outside the Nagoya area may be necessary depending on the individual needs. In any case, the school will do what it can to help in this process.


Important to Note

Please remember that maintaining confidentiality (by both the counselor and by any/all participants) is of the utmost importance throughout the entire counseling process.