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NIS Dolphins athletics

The NIS Dolphins love sports! With dedicated coaches, enthusiastic students and excellent facilities and equipment, we have become a program of pride, spirit and success. NIS is a member of the Western Japan Athletic Association (W.J.A.A.) through which our middle school and high school students compete against teams from other international schools throughout Japan. NIS also has “friendly” games with local Japanese schools as well.

At the middle school level we encourage all students to participate and focus on developing fundamentals in skills and highlight the importance of a positive attitude and team spirit.

At the high school level we form teams based on "try-outs" and encourage healthy competitiveness in the players. Our aim is to see each student setting goals and playing to their full potential.


2021-22 NIS Dolphins

Middle School
Boys Baseball
2021 NIS MS Baseball Team


Middle School
Girls Volleyball
2021 NIS MS Girls Volleyball Team


Middle School
Girls Soccer
Middle School Girls Soccer Team


Middle School
Boys Basketball
MIddle School Boys Basketball team


HIgh School
Boys Volleyball


High School
Girls Basketball
High School Girls Basketball team


HIgh School
Boys Basketball
High School Boys Basketball team


Sports Offered

Boys Sports
  • Volleyball       (HS: Quarter 1; MS: Quarter 4)
  • Basketball      (HS/MS: Quarter 2)
  • Soccer            (HS/MS: Quarter 3)
  • Baseball         (HS: Quarter 4; MS: Quarter 1)
Boys & Girls Combined Sports
  • Cross Country  (HS/select MS players: Quarter 2)
  • Badminton     (HS/select MS players: Quarter 3)
Girls Sports
  • Volleyball        (HS/MS: Quarter 1)
  • Basketball      (HS: Quarter 2; MS: Quarter 3)
  • Soccer            (HS: Quarter 3; MS: Quarter 2)
  • Softball           (HS/MS: Quarter 4)


High School Sports Council

The high school sports council is a student-led club that is essential to the success of the sports program at NIS. The Sports Council assists with all NIS athletic events, and help by keeping scores at games and provide linesmen support for tournaments and games. They also help raise funds for the school’s athletic program, organize pep-rallies and help plan the Athletic Banquet which is held at the end of the year.

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