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Bus Service

While many of NIS families drive their children to school, NIS students can also use one of eight bus routes provided by the Nagoya International School Bus Association, depending on seat availability. First priority is given to students who sign up for full service (morning and afternoon seats).

The “Kozoji shuttle bus” runs between NIS and the nearest station (Kozoji station, JR Chuo Line). This bus leaves the station once in the morning and returns twice in the afternoon. This bus service is highly recommended for those parents who will allow their older children to commute to and from Kozoji using the train system. This makes it easier for students to participate in after-school sports activities and get home via the JR trains. There is an additional after-school shuttle option that leaves NIS for Issha station in the afternoon for Elementary students who stay after school for "After School Activities" (requires registration), and another pm bus to Issha for Secondary students. These Issha shuttle runs operate in the afternoon only.

The other six buses (Buses #1. #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6) start from the middle or southern part of the city, traveling from through major neighborhoods in the Showa-ku, Chikusa-ku and Meito-ku “wards”. These buses have one pick-up time in the morning at certain points along the route, and leaves NIS at 3:40 after school finishes. Bus stops do not change according to where students live; rather, students must get to one of the bus stops.

NIS does not publicize the bus routes, stops or pick-up/drop-off times online in an open webpage. Please inquire about the bus service as part of the admissions process if you are interested in learning more about the NIS bus service.


Note on Kozoji Station:

It takes roughly 25-30 minutes from Nagoya station to Kozoji (catch the Chuo line on either track #7 or #8, heading for “Nakatsugawa”, “Mizunami” or “Kozoji”). All trains heading out from Nagoya station on the JR Chuo line stop at Kozoji, and the cost from Nagoya is 420 yen.