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Language Learners at NIS

All NIS teachers are teachers of language.  The central role of the EAL (English as an Additional Language) team is to support students in their journey of English language acquisition, and to facilitate teaching staff in their leadership of this process in the classroom.

We believe that any student who develops the ability to speak multiple languages will have a lifelong advantage, regardless of the order in which these languages are acquired.  Therefore, we celebrate the wealth of new perspectives, beliefs, and cultural information which EAL students bring to our classrooms as these enrich the world understandings of their classmates and teachers.

EAL staff support students through their unique acquisition processes.  We understand that although students as language learners may not be able to express themselves as eloquently as first language speakers, they are just as capable of rich thinking and in-depth learning as any other student.  Although the process of acquiring a second language is neither fast nor easy, EAL staff serve as a support system for students and their families as they complete this emotional journey.


Note on TEMSC Certification:  All NIS teachers are teachers of language. Consequently, those staff who do not have a Teaching of English in the Mainstream Classroom (TEMSC) certificate or equivalent at the time of joining NIS are expected to have completed this course within the first two years of employment.

Language Support at NIS