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Counselling and Health

The NIS counseling program aims to provide students with the social, emotional, and academic support they need to lead happy, successful and productive lives. Our counseling team deliver both social and emotional counseling as well as academic college counseling. All of our Health and Counseling staff liaise with external professionals and student's families as appropriate.

Being part of a diverse, international school setting and community with students coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, cultural sensitivity, transition issues, and personal problem solving skills are of particular importance for the NIS counseling program. As such, the goals of the counseling program at NIS are for students to:

  • understand the concepts related to lifelong learning, interpersonal relationships, responsible citizenship, and education/career planning.
  • develop learning skills, social skills, a sense of social responsibility, and the ability to effectively formulate and pursue educational/career goals.
  • apply this learning to their lives and work within both the local and global community.

The staff person responsible for health addresses each student's medical needs by delivering medical provisions and advice as appropriate, keeps accurate medical records, shares medical information with appropriate school staff to safeguard student health and develops 'medical emergency plans' as appropriate.