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ELC Facilities



ELC Facilities – The Third Educator


A visit to the ELC is an adventure and a joy! Rich in potential, the classroom environment itself creates a platform for exploration and inquiry. This warm and inviting environment fosters a sense of comfort to encourage individual and group learning, all within arm’s reach of appropriate resources and opportunities for observation and thoughtful reflection.

With the aid of documentation and children’s art, it is quickly apparent to visitors that the children in the ELC are actively involved in their learning. Projects may be completed and presented for others to enjoy or comment, or they may be put aside and saved for further exploration at a later time.

The classroom spaces have a range of clearly defined areas to encourage exploration, investigation and play, both inside and outside. These include areas for reading, writing, visual art, construction, music, dramatic play and imaginative play. Children’s interactions in and with these spaces stimulates them to become active learners, by providing ongoing opportunities for them to:

  • Make choices and decisions.
  • Use materials in flexible and imaginative ways.
  • Initiate inquiry and ask questions.
  • Work collaboratively with others.
  • Sustain their interests and extend their knowledge.
  • Develop understanding.

The ELC building is not divided into separate classrooms for Preschool and Kindergarten but each class does have a “home base” where the classes meet in the morning and afternoon. Throughout much of the day children from both classes are encouraged to use all areas of the building and to interact with children of different ages.


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