ELC Admissions Wait List

Nagoya International School ELC Admissions Wait List




2019-2020 ELC Preschool Class Full

Due to increased demand in the community for admissions into the ELC, the ELC Preschool 3 and Preschool 4 classes for the 2019-2020 school year are full. At this moment, we do not anticipate spaces to open up between now and the end of the calendar year, but we are accepting applications for students to be placed in a wait-pool of applicants if a seat does become available. The ELC Kindergarten class still has seats available.

All applications submitted for the 2019-2020 ELC Preschool and Kindergarten will be processed as usual, including interviews when appropriate, and only students who have applied or submitted a registration of interest will be eligible for consideration if a spot does become available. Students will be placed on in the wait-pool until a spot becomes available.

Applications for the 2020-2021 ELC Preschool and Kindergarten are now being accepted. Interested parents are encouraged to start the application process as soon as possible HERE.

Admissions criteria will be selective, with a higher priority placed on students with limited options in the Chubu area. 

If you wish to inform us that you are interested in having your child be considered for wait-pool placement without filling out a complete application, please use the “Registration of Interest” form to let us know, or, contact the Admissions & Development Office directly (admissions@nis.ac.jp).


How does the Wait-Pool (Wait-List) work?

When the number of enrolled students reaches a maximum desired Teacher-Student ratio, a "Wait-Pool" of candidates is created for students to enter when/if a space becomes available at some point in the school year.

The NIS wait-pool is not based on a first-come, first-serve order of priority, but, rather, our admissions categories place precedence over admission timing.

  • Students who have an appropriate level of English language proficiency and no other local, educational alternative will be considered at the top of the waiting list. 
  • Non-English speaking students or students with an appropriate level of English language proficiency who are currently enrolled in local preschools and kindergartens will be considered after all students with no other educational alternative have come off the wait-pool.

Families will not be asked to pay a tuition down-payment to stay on the wait-pool, but families must have paid the application fee in full in order to be considered for placement.