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ELC Admissions



ELC Preschool & ELC Kindergarten Admissions


NIS accepts applications at all times of the year for students in grades K-12. Since admissions for younger students into the ELC Preschool at mid-year can be challenging for the students and disruptive to the classes they are hoping to enter, we encourage all families to be in close contact with the Admissions & Development Office as soon as possible when families are considering NIS as an option for their child’s education. Preferably, families will have had a chance to visit the school and through the admissions process become more familiar with the Reggio Emilia philosophy, the IB PYP program and the NIS school community.

For students entering the ELC Preschool 3 class at the start of the academic school year, applications are accepted as of September 1 of the year prior to their desired enrollment start (a little over 11 months prior to the start of their anticipated school year). Families can apply at any time for all other grades.

Admissions interviews are required for all families who are applying to NIS. In addition, a teacher meeting is also scheduled for ELC Preschool and ELC Kindergarten applicants as part of the admissions process. When possible, this is scheduled on the same day as the admissions interview or just before planned enrollment. Besides wanting to ensure that the NIS ELC program is an appropriate match for each student, we also wish to ensure that each applicant’s family has an understanding of the curriculum (the IB Primary Years Program and the Reggio Emilia philosophy), our educational system and an awareness of the expectations of being a member of our community.

All NIS families are reminded that they are expected to have an appreciation for our school’s mission and objectives and an awareness of the importance of international mindedness.  Parents should have an appropriate level of English language proficiency to communicate with staff and a demonstrated commitment to the acquisition of English language skills if needed. Families are expected to understand that the school must carefully consider diversity in languages in addition to enrollment capacity for all classes in making admissions decisions.


Mid-Year Admissions

Admissions timing is an important consideration for all families, particularly if the child is being relocated at mid-year or currently living in Japan and in a program that follows an April to March school year and wishing to enroll in the ELC at mid-year. The NIS school year follows an August to June academic calendar year, and we recommend parents plan carefully, preferably in consultation with the Admissions Office, regarding availability, enrollment timing and any concerns about curriculum differences or language development.

Students who are enrolled in local preschools or kindergartens in Nagoya and who wish to transfer to NIS after the start of Quarter 3 may be placed on a waitlist or denied admission at that time depending on ELC enrollment capacity and any pending applications. Students applying from our Partner Preschools have a higher priority in waitlist placement. 

Families living outside of Japan who plan to relocate to Nagoya at mid-year may apply at any time, and enrollment is possible provided there is program compatibility and class availability. Parents are urged to contact the school well in advance of any planned relocation to inquire not only about availability but also to ensure that the NIS ELC program is a good match for your child. As a practice, NIS does close classes once enrollment reaches our maximum capacity.


ELC Tours

NIS always encourages families to visit the school as the best way to ensure that our program is a match for your child and your family’s overall educational goals. Tours of the ELC and the campus, and observation of classes can be arranged through the admissions office by clicking the button below. Tours for the ELC, however, do not start until 4-6 weeks after the school year has commenced. Please confirm with the admissions office regarding the timing of ELC tours. NIS does not allow one-day “trial” enrollment or extended lengths of time visiting the classroom for students whose families are considering applying.

Schedule a Tour

Admissions Open House

While we always prefer to meet with families, face-to-face on an individual basis, NIS also offers Admissions “Open Houses” (both on campus and online) that provide an option for a more general, group information session for interested parents as well. Click the button below to register!

Admissions Open House

Applications Now Accepted!

Applications are now being accepted for the 2023-24 ELC Preschool class (students born between Sept. 1, 2019 and August 31, 2020)! All interested families should  contact the Admissions & Development Office or start an application for admission HERE.  


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