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A Day in the Life of the ELC

Our daily routine is flexible and encourages opportunities for play, exploration and building relationships. The day is divided into several specific times, each with its own purpose and organization. The usual daily routine is the same on each day, except for PE (Physical Education) time in the gym which are once a week for each class. 



Community Time

Community Time happens first thing in the morning. It is a time to build connections and relationships between children, parents and ELC staff. It is a time to come together to share in play and other interests. It is also a time that can be dedicated to families to share their culture and traditions, either through whole ELC events such as special celebrations, or through small group activities, such as crafts and stories.

Collaboration Time

Collaboration Time is designed to engage children in self-directed play and in small group learning experiences connected to projects and Units of Inquiry (UOI). During this time, children usually have time to play freely in the ELC, both inside and outside. When participating in small group learning engagements with an adult, the children are encouraged to explore new ideas, collaborate with classmates, and develop long term inquiries. 


Atelier (The Arts)

The atelier is a space within the classroom that focuses on the arts and the many different possibilities of artistic thinking and processes. This space promotes the exploration and use of many different expressive languages (100 languages), and develops creativity and thinking skills. The atelier space is open to the children during Collaboration Time for both individual, independent exploration and small group work. 


ELC Singing and Story Time

At this time all ELC children from Preschool and Kindergarten come together to read stories, sing songs and share information about happenings in the classroom.  


Lunch Time

Lunch time is, of course, a time to eat a healthy lunch, either from home or school. It also offers an opportunity to talk with friends, have positive social interactions and build relationships.


Preschool Rest Time

During the afternoon the Preschool children are encouraged to rest, and they have the opportunity to sleep. Children who do not sleep spend time engaged in quiet activities such as reading books, drawing and playing games. 


Kindergarten Group Time

Towards the end of the day Kindergarten children participate in small group discussions that encourage them to reflect on the day and discuss projects and Units of Inquiry (UOI). These times also focus on developing relationships between the children. 


Outside Exploration

During Collaboration Time and at other specific times in the day the children enjoy playing in the ELC garden and Primary playground. Playing outside encourages different explorations and offers different possibilities to interact with and investigate the natural world, as well as being a time and space for continuing to build social relationships. 


Physical Education (PE)

Physical Education time take place in the gym once a week for each class and exposes the children to a range of physical activities and collaborative games. The aim is to promote the development of motor skills, spatial awareness, negotiating, taking turns and thinking skills, such as planning, creating strategies and sharing ideas. 


Kindergarten Japanese

Twice a week Kindergarten children have Japanese cultural time. During this time, the Japanese teachers focus on introducing Japanese culture through games, songs and current festivals.