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ELC Inquiry Questions

Q: How can I make a cardboard roll flip high into the air?


In the ELC Kindergarten, teachers and children have been talking about what is an Engineer and a video they watched as a class inspired some students.

It was a video of two children experimenting with a long board and a brick.First, they stood on it. Then they tried to balance with each other. At the end of the video, they show how to use force. They launched a badminton birdie by pushing on a small piece of wood laid on a brick.

The children wanted to try it. The teacher gave them TP rolls and they chose the materials they wanted to use to launch.


At first, they all chose long heavy boards and found that the roll didn't flip very high even if they pushed really hard.


Then they tried shorter lighter boards and that launched the rolls really well!


Once they knew how to launch them they started experimenting with how many blocks could be under the board.


Lastly, one child tried to launch a roll by using another roll to push it into the air. She was trying to have the one roll fly up and launch another roll without her having to hit it. 



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