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ELC Inquiry Questions

Q: Can we fix a broken heart?


During Kindergarten Circle Time, a friend (Talking Teddy) came to share his broken heart with the children.


He was very sad and didn’t want to play anymore because his friends were saying some unkind words to him. As our furry friend shared some of the things his friends told him, his heart got a fold line…then another and another…


Until his heart was small and oh-so-sad!


As teachers observed, they could see that the children were closely relating to their furry friend. Some were commenting: “Oh, yes! I’ve heard that too!” Some were holding back tears and listening.

When the teacher asked them how they can help their friend feel better and heal his heart, lots of hands were raised. Some of the suggestions were:

- Friends could say to him sorry
- Friends could try to be better tomorrow
- Friends could ask: are you ok?
- He could tell his teacher
- He could go to Zen Zone
- He could ask his parent for a big hug
- He could tell mom and dad
- Some of the friends who were unkind could invite him home for a play date
- Invite him to play


As the children were sharing ideas of how to make things better, the heart started to unfold…one fold at a time…until it was open again! The children were somber yet happy.


The teachers then brought their attention to the heart. The question that was given was: “Is this heart really OK now?”

The children noticed that the folds were still there.

Our furry friend then asked them to take care of each other’s hearts by using kind words so we don’t hurt each other.


Kindergarten children have been learning a lot about being on both the giving and receiving end of unkind conversations. They have made a list of words they don’t want to hear in Kindergarten anymore, and everyone promised to try real hard to be kind to each other.

Next, they will be working on making a list of positive and kind words they would like to hear.