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Our Inquiry Questions

Questioning the World at NIS . . Every day!

Questions are a window into our world. Not the kinds of questions for which there are immediate, ready answers - such as "What is the capital of Japan?" or "What time does the bus leave?". We need those questions as they help us know where we are, and what we have to do. But, while these questions may help us to know our world, they have never - and will never - help us understand or shape our world. If the role of school is to help prepare our children to understand, shape and grow the world of tomorrow, then questions are the only way to do this. For, it is only when young minds start to puzzle, wonder, imagine and explore that children can begin to identify with the world around them and come to see themselves as an agent for change in that world. Explore with us some of the questions our NIS learners are wondering about, right now…..