MYP Project Week 2021

Message from MYP Students:

Our school is in the middle of a hard time due to the current pandemic, so NIS students revitalized the school. We launched a project called “MYP Project Week.” This project aimed to promote student support and contribution to the NIS community. Students split into 22 groups of middle school students and some Gr. 10 and 11 students during this project. We worked creatively to make the school even better. Among the students, there were many ideas on how to do this. Some helped people suffering from the current pandemic by providing mental care and informative talks on mask safety. Some students brightened the campus by making stair art and creating artwork around the school. Some students made items to help reduce the impact of current environmental issues.

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The Bag Drawing Work Group

Sending bags to three schools in Tohuku, to have communication with them. Since an earthquake affected the area NIS has been in contact and now sends school stuff every year so the group is decorating bags and putting stuff inside the bags and giving it to them.

The Fundraising for Restaurant Employees Group

We are selling soap that can destroy COVID viral particles and using the money we earn we will donate to restaurant employees who are in need.

The Geocaches Group

We are setting up Geocaches around Shidami.

The Bilingual Audiovisual Map of Shidami Group

Gr. 10 Audiovisual Map Group created a multilingual guide map to spotlight local businesses and places for relaxation and recreation in the Shidami area. This was an opportunity for us to learn about our neighborhood and share about these important places with the school community in multiple languages.  This local area guide map is available in Japanese, English, Chinese, Portuguese, and French. View the completed Map from the link below.

Shidami Guide Map

The Glasshouses Group

We worked on planting a hydroponic growing kit. Three 8th graders tried seeding, seedling, and cutting plants such as pumpkin, melon, cherry tomato, delphinium, sunflower, and others. Two 7th graders and a 10th grader were responsible for working on the hydroponic kit, which is a kit that allows seeds to grow without any soil. Joining the club was a great opportunity for us to interact with nature and to recognize the importance of green.

The Campus Art Group

Students worked on three different projects for creating artwork to hang around the school.

Club posters:

We made club posters to provide clubs a way to shine and be known more and possibly even get more people to sign up for them! These posters are for fun too - they are for fun-looking purposes and to laugh. We choose these posters because we know how this year, not many clubs got new members and because of the 12th graders going away, the groups have fewer members. This was a very fun journey until this point we had the chance to get close to people from different grades and had a chance to get a bit out of our comfort zone.

East Building Floor signs:

Students made color-coordinated floor signs to help students navigate the new building and identify what kinds of classrooms are on each floor.

NIS Nationalities Dolphin:

To celebrate the variety of nationalities represented in our school body, as well as the school spirit of our dolphin mascot, students created a ‘school’ of dolphins each representing a country. Each dolphin has the flag of the country and an image of its capital, as well as words in the native language of each country. This large display will eventually hang outside the multipurpose hall on the second floor.


The JHack Group


We are hosting a "Hackathon", a sprint-like event for a group of programmers to work together on a collaborative project and compete to create prototypes that innovate on a theme or improve upon an existing project. Companies such as Facebook and Google host annual Hackathons to promote creative thinking and innovation, and these events often lead to surprising, novel concepts and prototypes. However, from our past experiences, we have found that many hackathons are inaccessible for beginners. Through this Hackathon, we hope to be inclusive to participants of all levels and promote the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) by hosting workshops and inviting guest speakers. More information can be accessed from HERE.


The M.A.S.K. Group


For our MYP Project we made a video about mask safety and the coronavirus. This video highlights what the corona virus is and the best ways on how to avoid getting sick from germs and covid. We test out different masks with an experiment to see which mask is better than the others. 

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When we did the experiment, we made sure to be in the science lab where fire is better regulated and contained, we also had fire extinguishers in the lab to make sure that no one was injured. Also, the data we gathered from our experiments is not 100% accurate. It is just a result from our tests.


The Make A Wish Foundation/1000 Paper Cranes Group

Making coaster-sized artwork for MAFJ hospice. We are also making 1,000 paper cranes to thank staff because of these rough times.

The Marketing Team Group

We are helping advertise the school by hosting open houses and helping parents who are considering making their children join NIS. We are also using NIS social media platforms to show parents what the students at NIS are doing.

The Stair Art & Game Marking Group

We are painting the stairs in our school and making activities for little kids using paint. 

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The Wetland Conservation Group

The Wetlands Conservation Group went to the Saido Nagare Wetlands to do some conservation work. We worked with a local conservation volunteer group called ‘Tsutaeru-Kai’(中志段味の自然を次世代に伝える会) whose goal is to pass the love of nature onto the next generation. On the first day, we were up to our knees in mud digging a pond that was approximately 400m2. We found many different organisms like leeches, worms, crayfish, and birds. In the future, we hope that this pond will support an even greater diversity of life. On the second day, we reformed a bridge with mud and logs. We also applied the finishing touches to the pond we worked on the day before and began work on clearing the Phragmites (Common reed) straw from particular areas to create space for some rare plant species. On the third day, we continued our path maintenance by working in teams with rakes and sleds. We hope that Saido Nagare continues to be a natural asset to the Shidami community as it grows and deals with land use pressures. 

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Mt. Togoku Conservation Group