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High School Curriculum Overview


NIS High School Curriculum

There are two phases to a student’s high school studies at NIS. The first two years of NIS high school (grades 9 & 10) is the last phase of the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP), and the final two years of high school (grades 11 & 12) is the IB Diploma Programme (DP). Curriculum details and course descriptions can be found HERE

Grades 9-10
Seven, equally weighted subjects form the core of the academic program for all grade 9-10 school students.  The core subjects include the following:

  • English (Language A or Language B)
  • Japanese (Language A or Language B)
  • Individuals and Societies (history, civics, geography, culture)
  • Integrated Science
  • Integrated Math
  • Physical and Health Education
  • The Arts (art, drama, music in grade 9 only)

* Students also take a class in Design Technology and one elective course.

These courses are taught using approaches set out by the IBO Middle Years Program (MYP), and are specifically designed to prepare students for the next phase of their learning – including the IB Diploma Program.
Grades 11-12
For the last two years of their high school at NIS, students can choose to pursue just the NIS diploma, or to also attempt to obtain the additional IB Diploma through the IB Diploma Programme (DP). In both cases, students take one course from each of the following six groups –

  • Language and Literature – English or Japanese
  • Language Acquisition – Japanese (other courses offered as online courses)
  • Individuals and Societies (history or economics)
  • Sciences (biology, chemistry, physics)
  • Mathematics
  • The Arts (Visual Arts or Theater Studies)*

* Instead of the Arts, students can take a second course from other five groups.

Regardless of the end goal, students attend the same courses, and requirements and expectations may differ according to the path chosen by the student.  In addition, students take a “Theory of Knowledge” course, and are expected to complete activities related to creativity, action and service (CAS). 


Course Descriptions

High School News

MYP Individuals & Societies Student Podcast
To give students an authentic audience to demonstrate their learning, the NIS Individuals & Societies Department has launched a new student podcast!

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