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After-School Activities

ASA's (After School Activities)

ASA activities are offered for elementary students (grades 1-5) during quarters 2-4. The activities are taught by NIS staff, high school students and on occasion individuals from the local community. Activities range from indoor and outdoor games, crafts and sports. A sign-up form with descriptions of activities to be offered is sent out to elementary school parents usually two weeks prior to the beginning of each quarter.  The actives are free, however, at times a small materials fee is charged if the activity is taught by someone from the local community.

ASAs take place after school from 3:30 to 4:15pm. Students who participate in ASAs need to be either picked up by their parents or arrange to take the NIS shuttle bus to Kozoji train station. Elementary students are not allowed to ride the afternoon Issha shuttle bus.


Weekend Kids Sports Group

The Weekend Kids Sports group is a parent-led volunteer activity on weekends for students in grades 1-5. These activities are not an official NIS event, but parent-led, and parents are expected to support these activities. Other students from different schools can join but these activities are meant to provide an opportunity for students who cannot easily participate in sports activities in the local community due to the language barrier so students should have at least a conversational level of English. Activities (currently) include soccer, baseball and flag football. For more information about these activities, please go HERE

Elementary ASAs

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