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  • プログラムは午前9時から午後3時までです。
  • お車でお越しの方は正門前のメインパーキングをご利用ください。
  • 参加資格を満たしていれば、NISの生徒以外の方もお申し込み頂けます。




Science(科学)、Technology(技術)、Engineering(工学)、Art (人文、教養、芸術)、Mathematics(数学)の頭文字を合わせたもの。幅広い分野を教科横断的に学習しながら、問題解決力や創造性を育む教育



Grades 3-4: Let's Make it Move!

An examination of materials and engineering elements to make a moving toy using design principles.

  • Day 1:  Investigation of simple machines
  • Day 2:  Using air and resistance to make a hovercraft
  • Day 3:  Create a your own bug using design principles
  • Day 4:  Make it fly - using simple machines to move things in the air
  • Day 5:  Putting it all together to create your own toy!


Grades 5-6: Let's Make it Loud!

An examination of materials and engineering elements to make sound using design principles.

  • Day 1:  Exploring sound, how do instruments work
  • Day 2:  Sound off - using elements of sound to design your own soundproof room
  • Day 3:  Let's make it LOUD - amplification 
  • Day 4:  Creating a speaker simple magnets
  • Day 5:  Putting it all together to create your own speaker which can be hooked up to a bluetooth device. 


Grades 7-8: Let's Make it Bounce!

An examination of chemical materials and engineering. We will examine polymers and construction materials using design principles

  • Day 1:  Composites and Stretching
  • Day 2:  Making your own Lip balm 
  • Day 3:  Packaging a reaction
  • Day 4:  Making hydrogen out of water
  • Day 5:  Putting it all together and the creation of your own Silly Putty and your own bouncing polymer