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Working at NIS



Welcome Prospective Colleague!

Thank you so very much for your interest in working at Nagoya International School. We are always delighted to hear from people who wish to be a part of our learning journey. NIS is a school seeking to make our mission the reality for every student, in every classroom, every day – by design. We are looking for talented and committed educators who like the challenge of being a part of building something special, rolling up their sleeves, and joining us on this ‘messy’ journey.

This is an exciting time to join our team. We have recently consolidated our action planning from various initiatives (PYP, MYP, DP, CIS, WASC) into a single 'School Development Plan' (SDP) and we are using this to drive forward towards delivering the kind of ‘irresistible learning’ our kids deserve. Many pieces are therefore already in place, and many more pieces are waiting for the right people (maybe you!?) to come along and help us build.

We are dedicated to be the best school we can be, to serve the students who come through our doors each morning, and to set each and every one of them up for success. Therefore while we have chosen the IB programs to help us deliver on this, we want to be more than an off the shelf ‘IB’ school. We seek educators who are critical friends to the IB – who see the value within it but also who are able to look beyond the frameworks, understand the deeper drivers of learning, and use this to empower and inspire their students.

There are many positives to a career at NIS. Chief among these are our amazing student body – you will be hard pressed to find a more caring, focused and fun group of children and young adults to work with. However, NIS is its own school, and like all schools, we are not right for everyone. Therefore, before applying I encourage you to read this website thoroughly and get a sense of who we are, what we are trying to achieve, and how you might fit in.

We hope that as you read about our school you will sense that this is a community you can contribute to, and a team of educators you wish to join. Please keep your eyes posted for vacancies, which will also be advertised on TIE, CIS, Search and, occasionally other local/national press. Should you feel that a move to NIS is right for you, we look forward to receiving your application.


Matthew Parr, MSc. NPQH

Head of School,

Nagoya International School


Child Protection at NIS  
Please know that NIS places a high priority in protecting the students in our care. By submitting an application form you are stating that you have never harmed children, adolescents or vulnerable people either physically, sexually or emotionally. You are also stating categorically that that there is no reason why you should not work in a school setting with children. You also confirm that you are free from any criminal record, spent or otherwise, in any jurisdiction, with regard to offenses (or cautions/warnings) which may be deemed relevant to employment with young people at Nagoya International School. You also consent to NIS conducting full background checks on you as a condition of any contract offer made, and understand that NIS has the right to rescind any offer of employment should there be any concerns raised through those checks. Prospective employees are also informed that any adult behaviors which contravene a professional standard of decency/respect, constitute sexual, physical or emotional abuse and/or are otherwise an infringement of a student’s right to physical and emotional safety are grounds for immediate dismissal. You understand that you will be asked to sign this statement at the time of accepting any offer of employment from NIS.