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Summer FAQs

Q: Is lunch provided?
Lunch is available as an option with a separate cost. For more information, click here.

Q: Where is NIS?
NIS is located in Moriyama-ku, on the edge of Nagoya city and very near to the edges of Kasugai, Seto and Owariasahi. NIS is walking distance from "Shinrin Park". For directions to NIS, please see the map here.

Q: What are the expectations for English levels?
Students are expected to be "English-Speakers", with at least a basic understanding of English sufficient enough to allow them to follow directions safely and participate with enjoyment in all activities. Students are expected to use the common language of English at all times while on the NIS campus, and may be asked to withdraw from the program (or denied enrollment) if it is deemed that the English level of the student does not qualify for full participation.

Q: Can we pay cash on the first day?
No. We prefer all parents wire-transfer their payment by the payment deadline.

Q: What should my child wear to the program?
Comfortable clothes and shoes/sneakers are recommended.  On any given day of the program, students will be participating in a range of activities- from sports to arts and crafts. Crocs are not recommended.

Q: Does NIS provide a transportation option for summer program students to/from the school?
NIS does not offer a bus service during the summer program.  Students must be dropped off and picked up by an adult each day.  Carpooling with other families living in the same area has been done before.

Q: Is it possible for parents of summer program students to tour the NIS campus and facilities before the summer program?
Yes, tours are available for interested parents. Please contact to set up an appointment. Likewise, parents of Summer Program participants wishing for an opportunity to learn more about NIS as an option for enrollment during the school year, please contact the Development Office.