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Thank you for your interest in the NIS Summer Program and see you next year!
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Enrollment Eligibility

Admission to the NIS Summer Program is open to students age 4-12 (entering Preschool 4 through grade 6), who are either:

  1. Currently studying full-time in an international school AND who are not enrolled in the Japanese school system;
  2. Japanese returnee students (returned within the last two years); or
  3. Non-Japanese or multi-cultural/multi-national with sufficient English language skills to participate.

Participants for all sessions must submit a completed application form. 

To ensure a safe and successful program, if our teachers judge that they are unable to adequately communicate with your child, unable to guarantee the safety of all students, or unable to meet the needs of your child in any way, we reserve the right to decline further participation in the Summer Program at any time.


Application Process

  1. Apply online
  2. Confirmation (Acceptance) letter and Invoice, or rejection letter will be sent to applicants
  3. More detailed information will be sent to each participant by 1-2 weeks prior to each session
  4. Please pay program fees by payment deadline
  5. If your child is covered by the Japanese Health Insurance Plan, please send the copy of the plan (健康保険証写し)to the Admissions and Development Office
    - 2686 Minamihara, Nakashidami, Moriyama-ku, Nagoya, Japan 463-0002
  6. Applicants may be put on a wait-list, or given conditional acceptance when his/her enrollment eligibility is undetermined


Other Information

  • Students may apply for one, or both sessions!
  • Students can order lunch as an option, or bring a bag-lunch/bento.
  • Students must bring a thermos full of water or tea. Snacks will be provided.
  • Students must bring change of clothes everyday.


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Fun from Previous Years

Program Details

2021 Summer Sessions

  • Session 1: July 26-30 9:00-15:00 
  • Session 2: Aug 2-6  9:00-15:00

COVID-19 Risk Management Plan

English   Japanese   

Application Deadlines

  • Both Sessions: June 25

Application Requirements

Students must be between Preschool 4 and Grade 5/6 (age 4-12) and have a basic understanding of English, sufficient enough to allow them to follow directions safely and participate in the activities with enjoyment. Please see the requirements under "Enrollment Eligibility".

Session Fees

¥35,000 per student, per session (Lunch fees separate)  *Payment includes the popular Summer Program T-shirts!


Tel: 052-736-2025

Apply Online!


NIS now has an official LINE@ account!

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