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2023 Summer Program Announcement

Due to shifts in staffing availability and the potential for campus construction this summer, NIS is currently planning for a Summer Program that is different from previous years. Details will be confirmed soon, but the tentative plan is to have a fun and engaging STEM-based program for slightly older students (upper elementary and middle school) this summer, and a program that will last for one week. The expectation is that student participants are capable speakers of English and currently enrolled within an English-based curriculum school either here in Japan or abroad. We apologize for the delay in announcing this change. Stay tuned for more information coming soon!


Enrollment Eligibility


Admission to the NIS Summer Program in 2023 will be open to students age 9-14 (entering grade 4 through grade 8). Eligible students must be currently studying full-time in an international school (or school outside of Japan) which uses an English-based school curriculum AND also not enrolled in the Japanese school system. Participants for all sessions must submit a completed application form.


COVID-19 Precautions

Of course, NIS will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation carefully and consider all facets of operation needed to successfully and safely implement the NIS Summer Program in the interest of health and safety of all participants. 

Go HERE for our COVID-19 Risk Management Plan.

Parents need to know, of course, is that the reality is that the school cannot guarantee that students will not become infected, nor that the COVID-19 situation in Aichi doesn’t further deteriorate to the point that the government declares another state of emergency. We also need parents to understand that it is not possible to have an online version of the Summer Program.


COVID-19 Cancellation Policy

In the case that the Summer Program is cancelled due to COVID-19 related circumstances, no online equivalent can be offered, and the school will reimburse parents for the unused days on a prorated per-day scale. For example, if the program were to be cancelled before the week started, 100% of the daily rate (i.e. the whole week) would be refunded. In the event that a COVID-19 related mid-week cancellation occurred, 80% of the unused days would be refunded, with the remaining 20% of income retained by the school in order to support non-recoverable operating expenses.

Thank you again for your application and understanding as we put the health and safety of our students and staff first. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Please read more information about our cancellation policy if a parent wishes to cancel HERE.


Details (Tentative)

2023 Summer Program

  • July 31-August 4  9:00-15:00 

COVID-19 Risk Management Plan

English   Japanese   

Application Deadlines

  • July 1

Application Requirements

Applicants must be students between Gr. 4 through 8 (entering Gr. 4) and be currently enrolled in an English-based curriculum school. 

Session Fees

¥35,000 per student, per session (Lunch fees separate)  *Payment includes the popular Summer Program T-shirts!


Email: summerprogram@nis.ac.jp    
Tel: 052-736-2025



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