SAT Testing

NOTICE:  Due to circumstances beyond our control, NIS is no longer a test center for the ACT. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Nagoya International School is a testing center for the SAT test. Registration is required online directly with the SATnot with NIS, and the registration deadline is roughly five weeks prior to the scheduled test date. Students must be responsible for knowing the registration deadlines and registering on their own. Please DO NOT contact NIS directly with questions about either test. Information about directions to the school and suggestions for nearby accommodations are listed below. 


NIS SAT Test Day Instructions


Please read the following carefully, as these are the expectations for all test takers for the SAT Exams during the 2020-21 academic year. 

As per CollegeBoard policy, the test center may refuse entrance to anyone that does not adhere to these rules and guidelines at any point during testing time. All of the normal testing policies published by CollegeBoard are also still enforced. This list is specific for what to expect for safety procedures at Nagoya International School due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 



If you test positively for COVID-19 within 21 days after taking the exam

Please contact with your name, the test date, and the date you received the positive test. If possible, we'd also appreciate information about when you started to experience symptoms.  

If you need to cancel your scores after testing

NIS will not accept any cancellation paper forms at this time. If you choose to cancel your scores after testing, you are to do so following these guidelines by printing and signing the form, then sending it via fax to the College Board. Sending it via mail will not arrive in time, so you'll need to plan ahead for this.  


Testing Dates and Details

All testing occurs on Saturday mornings, starting from 8:00 am. The dates for 2020-2021 testing are listed below. The CEEB test center code for the SAT is 680330.

SAT test dates at NIS (2020-21):
  • August 29 (SAT, SAT w/Essay & Subject Tests)
  • September 26  (SAT, SAT w/Essay & Subject Tests)
  • October 3  (SAT, SAT w/Essay & Subject Tests)
  • December 5 (SAT, SAT w/Essay)
  • March 13 (SAT, SAT w/Essay)
  • May 8 (SAT, SAT w/Essay & Subject Tests)
  • June 5  (Subject Tests only)


What is the SAT test?

The SAT Reasoning Test is a widely used admissions test for U.S. colleges and universities and to some degree, Canadian colleges and universities as well. It tests students' knowledge of subjects that are necessary for college success: reading, writing, and mathematics. The SAT Reasoning Test is one of two possible academic tests that is generally required by colleges and universities for admission, the other being the ACT. NIS is no longer able to offer the ACT test.

The SAT is an aptitude test with three components: Critical Reasoning, Mathematics, and a required Writing Test. Students and parents are reminded that the SAT is not a college or university entrance examination, but just one of many results that colleges consider when making their admission decisions. In fact, some universities and colleges are even actually moving way from requiring the SAT and/or the ACT as part of the admissions criteria.


Coming from outside Nagoya and looking for a hotel?

We recommend the Hotel Kachigawa Plaza, which is located at JR Kachigawa station along the JR Chuo line, three stops from Kozoji station, the station nearest to NIS. Take a taxi from Kozoji to NIS ("Nagoya Kokusai Gakuen").


Need Directions to NIS?

Go here for directions on how to get to NIS via train, car or bus. Please note that NIS is located in the furthest corner of Nagoya city, and not easily accessible via public transportation. We recommend students take a taxi from Kozoji station (10-15 minutes), and plan to arrive early. HOWEVER, the school is not open until 30-45 minutes before testing starts, so if you arrive too early you will need to wait in the LOWER parking lot.

Coming from the airport? You will not arrive in time for the test. From the airport, via Meitetsu train, It takes approximately 45 minutes to get to Kanayama station to catch the JR Chuo line, then another 30 minutes to Kozoji station via the JR Chuo line. Be sure you make arrangements to arrive the night before testing.