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How Parent Partners Support NIS

In MANY ways!

The following is just a few of the extras and support for the school through this and previous NIS PTA Boards have been able to contribute back to the school. Please consider joining by paying your PTA dues and THANK YOU!

  • Online Library "Big Universe"
  • Two digital cameras for student use
  • Grade 5 Celebration
  • Grade 8 Celebration
  • Grade 12 Commencement Donation
  • Grade 12 Flowers for Commencement (separate funding)
  • Donation for the High School Prom
  • Elementary Library Sleepover
  • Middle School Hallway Improvement (Paint)
  • NIS Annual Giving Fund
  • New Science Lab Equipment
  • Podium (for use in the Commons, events)
  • Donation toward the new Art Center
  • Stage Lighting in the Commons
  • Karaoke machine for the Commons
  • Microwaves for the Commons
  • Yearbook donation
  • Welcome Baskets/Gifts for new teachers
  • Two new soccer goals
  • Recreation Wheels for the gym
  • Park & Play Funding (continuing!)
  • . . . and the list goes ON! . . .

Parent Partner News

Parent Partner Events Calendar

Connect with the PTA!

The PTA use Facebook as one key way to connect with the NIS parent community. This is a closed network of NIS parents. Please reach out on Facebook to connect!

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