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Partner Preschools

What is a "Partner Preschool"?

Unlike Elementary and Secondary schools, which are limited, Nagoya and the surrounding area have various choices for families who value an internationally-minded education for early learners.  This is particularly true of schools for preschool-aged children.  For families seeking a long-term path for their children, however, the choices become somewhat limited when choosing an elementary school.

NIS is pleased to announce that we have partnered with four designated international preschools that offer a high-quality early-years program, enabling bicultural and internationally-minded families to transition smoothly to the high-quality education that NIS offers.


But doesn't NIS also have a quality Early Learning Center (ELC)?

NIS is a fully accredited international school for students from preschool through Grade 12.  However, we realize there are occasions when families may need to choose a different option.  This could be because of location or other family factors that would make it more convenient to select one of our partner schools over the ELC at NIS.  By creating these partnerships, we enable families to have a broader choice to make the right decision for their particular circumstances.

In addition, there is also the occasional instance that NIS reaches capacity and cannot accept additional ELC students at that particular time. Being able to partner with these trusted schools, each slightly different but aligned in philosophy and quality, allows parents to rest assured that a smooth transition to NIS, even mid-year, is possible if needed.


Meet our Partner Schools

Below are brief descriptions of our four NIS Partner Preschools.  This partnership extends beyond that of individual students and families.  It also extends to the schools, which can use NIS facilities for events like sports days, graduations, and other collaborations. We feel fortunate to build these connections to offer the Nagoya community flexibility in their choices regarding an international education, thus supporting parents in this most important of decisions - how to select the best education for your child.


Discovery International School

The early years are critical for developing identity, social relations, and an eagerness to inquire and communicate. Our play-based program is inspired by the Reggio Emilia Approach, where children's social experiences lay the groundwork for a learning curriculum co-constructed by children and teachers together. DIS is a place for joyful discovery!

  • AGES:  1-6 years old
  • LOCATION(S):  Nagakute
  • EMAIL:
  • TEL:  0561-63-1222  (English/Japanese)
  • WEB:

Kakuozan International Preschool

Kakuozan International Preschool’s vision is to provide a fun, creative, and learning environment to inspire young learners. Whether learning in the classroom, outdoors, or at special events, KIPS students are encouraged to always explore, discover, learn, and enjoy the world around them.

  • AGES:  1-6 years old
  • LOCATION(S):  Kakuozan, Chikusa-ku (South Campus and North Campus)
  • EMAIL:
  • TEL:  052-763-1223 (M. Naruse)
  • WEB:

KIDS International School

To develop children's curiosity and various skills, KIS provides lots of hands-on activities such as art, science, math, language, outside play, music, and cooking.  The teachers are all certified and plan projects and activities to meet children's interests and needs. KIS has its own playground for daily use, and the library has over 1000 books in English for the children to enjoy and check out.

No Borders International Schools

Since 1989, No Borders International Schools have been serving the local community. Providing high-quality education focused not only on academic skills but also on emotional and social development.  Locations all throughout Aichi - please contact them to learn more and see if No Borders is right for your family.

  • AGES:  1-6 years old
  • LOCATION(S):  Chikusa, Showa, Anjo, Okazaki, Takinomizu, Toyota
  • EMAIL:
  • TEL:  0120-824-815
  • WEB: