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Announcement お知らせ

Thank you to all participants for a successful first dose on July 17 & 18! All participants will have been sent an email and we ask everyone to refer to that email for more details. Below is some information to help ensure a smooth day for the second dose.

  • Your scheduled time is the same day (Saturday/Sunday) as before (i.e. if your previous vaccination appointment was Saturday, July 17 at 2 pm, your second vaccination appointment is Saturday, August 14 at 2 pm). 
  • If you were a standby person last time, please come on the same day/time as your standby appointment last time (e.g. if you came at 3:30 pm on Sunday, July 18, please come back at 3:30 pm on Sunday, August 15).
  • We will not be sending another “ticket” or announcement.
  • If you are uncertain about your day/time please check your original Eventbrite ticket which you received by email when registering. If you cannot find this information and need to confirm with our office, please email and we will get back to you to confirm your time/day. 
  • There will be no “program” or campus map distributed on the day. The campus layout for the vaccination will essentially be the same as the previous vaccination weekend. The process for registration and processing through to the vaccination room is the same as before, using the same rooms. 
  • Parking will be the same as before - the upper parking lot will be available first, and the field will be available for overflow parking. 
  • Shuttle bus service will again be provided from Kozoji station. Same time schedule as the previous weekend, however, an updated map is available HERE

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email

Thank you again for your support for keeping our communities safe! We look forward to seeing you on either August 14 or 15!



  • 接種予約時間は前回と同じ曜日(土曜または日曜)の同じ時間です。(前回のご予約が7月17日(土)の午後2時だった場合は、第2回接種は8月14日(土)の午後2時となります)
  • 当日キャンセル待ち枠で第1回接種を受けられた方は、前回と同日、同時間にお越しください。(7月18日(日)午後3時30分にお越しいただいた方は、8月15日(日)午後3時30分にお越しください)
  • これ以外に今回の接種に関するお知らせはございません。「Ticket」やこの他のお知らせをお送りすることもございません。
  • 接種予約の日時がお分かりにならない場合は、接種予約の際にEメールにて送付されているEventbriteの「Ticket」をご確認ください。それでもお分かりにならない場合は までお問い合わせください。
  • 今回は、キャンパス内の地図やご案内などはお配りいたしません。ワクチン接種の順路や配置は基本的に前回と変わりません。受付など接種に至る手続きや場所も前回と同じです。
  • 駐車場も前回と同じです。メインパーキングもご利用いただけます。満車の場合は動場をご利用ください。
  • 前回同様、JR高蔵寺駅までのシャトルバスを運行いたします。スケジュールも前回と同じです。地図、時刻表は こちら よりご確認ください。

ご不明な点などございましたら、 までお問い合わせください。



Information to Follow 予防接種当日の流れ



Important Note for Participants: To receive the vaccine at NIS you must agree that:

  • You will receive BOTH doses at the SAME TIME on both weekends. For example, if you book a slot at 9 am on Saturday July 17, it means you are ALSO booking a slot at 9 am on Saturday August 14. No exceptions can be made to this rule.
  • Once you receive your vaccine coupon, you will give this to your TISA school (or ACCJ). Failure to do so means that the costs of the full vaccine course (¥8400 without tax) will be billed to you by your organization.
  • In the case the address you provide on your ”Pre-Vaccination Screening Form” (to be completed before arrival to the school and presented at registration) does NOT match the address on your family register/Juminhyo, your school/ACCJ may need to bill you for the cost of the full vaccine course (¥8400 without tax).
  • In the case of a first dose ‘no-show’ for your appointment, and NIS is not able to fill your spot with someone on the emergency alert waitlist, your school/ACCJ may need to bill you for the cost of the full vaccine course (¥8400 without tax). In the case of a second dose no-show your school/ACCJ may need to bill you for the cost of the second dose (¥4200 without tax). However, this does NOT apply in the case that the doctor advises you against taking the vaccine or if, following the consultation with the doctor onsite, you make the choice not to take the vaccine. It only applies in the event of an unexplained ‘no show’ without at least 24 hours warning (in the case of the 1st dose) and in the event of any unreasonable failure to follow through on the second dose at your appointed time.
  • You are agreeing to bring with you on the day of the vaccination photo identification such as a passport, residency card or drivers license. Failure to do so may mean that we are unable to verify your identity and so are unable to offer you the vaccine. Again, in this case your school/ACCJ may bill you for the cost of the missed doses  (¥4200 without tax per dose).


  • 第1回、2回接種とも同じ曜日、時間に接種を受けていただきます。7月17日(土)の午前9時に第1回接種を受けられた場合、第2回接種は8月14日(土)の午前9時になります。例外は認められません。
  • ワクチン接種券をお受け取りになられましたら、TISA加盟校(またはACCJ)にご提出下さい。ご提出いただけない場合には2回分の接種費用(8,400円(税抜))をご在籍の学校または団体にご請求申し上げます。
  • 新型コロナワクチン接種の予診票(ご記入の上当日お持ちいただく書類)にご記入いただいたご住所が、住民票に記載のご住所と一致しない場合、ご在籍の学校/ACCJより2回分の接種費用(8,400円(税抜))をご請求申し上げる場合があります。
  • 1回目の接種に事前のご連絡なくお越しいただけず、そのご予約枠を当日キャンセル待ちの方へと譲渡出来なかった場合は、ご在籍の学校/ACCJより2回分の接種費用(8,400円(税抜))をご請求申し上げる場合があります。2回目の接種にお越しいただけない場合は2回目の接種費用(4,200円(税抜))をご在籍の学校/ACCJよりご請求申し上げる場合があります。ただし、医師が接種の回避を勧めた場合、または当日の医師との問診により接種の回避を選択された場合はこの限りではありません。少なくとも接種予約時間の24時間前(第1回接種の場合)にご連絡をいただくことなく接種にお越しいただけなかった場合、もしくは相応の理由なく第2回接種にお越しいただけなかった場合にのみ適用されます。
  • 接種当日にはパスポート、在留カード、運転免許証などの写真付きの身分証明書をお持ちください。お持ちいただけない場合には本人確認が出来ませんので接種をお受けいただくことが出来ません。この場合もご在籍の学校/ACCJより接種出来なかった分の接種費用(1回につき4,200円(税抜))をご請求申し上げる場合があります。



What is Needed on the Day of the Vaccination?


(1) Pre-Vaccination Screening Medical Form

Participants will need to print out and complete a “Pre-Vaccination Screening” form PRIOR to arrival at NIS. If this form is not complete, participants will need to first go into the gymnasium where required forms will be available. However, as timing is crucial in ensuring we can vaccinate 500 people each day, we urge all participants to make sure they have completely filled out the form.

(NOTE) There has been a change in the required “Medical Questionnaire” form

The government has requested that all required “Medical Questionnaire” forms to be submitted by each person to be vaccinated be completed using the Japanese language version of the form. We are sorry if you already completed the form in a different language, but we need you to re-do your content on the Japanese form. While writing in Japanese on the form is preferable, writing in ‘Romaji’ will, we understand, also be acceptable.  If needed, please use the different language versions as translation SAMPLES of the questionnaire to help you fill out the Japanese form (the questions are the same).

IMPORTANT: Your full name and address MUST MATCH EXACTLY the information on your “Juminyho”. Please make sure this matches - otherwise you may be liable for payment if the municipal coupon/voucher does not match this form.







The Pre-Vaccination Screening form needed to complete is available here (Japanese version):  Pre-Vaccination Screening Questionnaire (Japanese)


Samples in other languages are here:

Note on official name and address: Each participant must ensure that the name and address written on the above form will need to exactly match the name and address on the participant's family register (juminhyo). If the participant is unsure how the name and address is listed on the juminhyo we strongly recommend that you visit your local government office since mistakes on this will be time consuming and difficult to correct later on, and may mean that you are subject to a financial charge of ¥4,020 per dose ( ¥8,040 total)



(2) ID

To confirm your name and address, please bring a photo ID that matches the name on this online registration. It is preferable if this ID also includes your address. There is no need for you to print out or show your event registration time-slot.




(3) Clothing

On the day, please wear loose fitting and easily-removable upper clothing for the doctor to have quick access to your arm.




Vaccination Site Flow on the NIS Campus (On the Day)

ARRIVAL:  Participants will need to arrive at NIS at least 30 minutes prior to their allotted time.  Parking is available in one of three parking lots, and overflow parking on the sports field may also be available. We are considering providing a shuttle bus to JR Kozoji station if there is enough interest. Parking lots include: Parking lot #1 (Upper Parking), Parking lot #2 (Wing Building Bus Parking), Parking lot #3 (East Building Parking) or Parking Lot #4 (the sports field)


REGISTRATION:  Participants will be guided to the NIS East Building Lobby for registration (2F). Participants will receive a “NIS Vaccination Form”. This form replaces the official vaccination voucher/coupon that each participant should receive through their municipality. This is the form that vaccination stickers for each dosage will be attached (indicating vaccine name and lot number), and will be the proof of vaccination for each participant. You must not lose this piece of paper as this is your only proof of vaccination and you must bring it for the second dose.


CONSULTATION:  Upon confirmation that all paperwork is correct, participants will be called into the Kawanabe Room (adjacent to the Lobby) for a consultation with a doctor.


VACCINATION:  After consultation with a doctor, participants will be guided down one floor to the East Building Multipurpose Hall (MPH). One side of the hall will be allocated for vaccinations, and the other side of the hall will be reserved as a waiting area where all participants are requested to wait under the monitoring of the medical team for 15 minutes following their vaccination.


DEPARTURE:  Each participant will then be guided to the parking lot OR to the shuttle bus (if there is sufficient interest) to depart from the campus.



Information on Moderna

Below is information on the Moderna vaccine issued by the Japanese government.


Note on Traffic

As you may know, COSTCO Moriyama has just opened nearby, and the traffic around NIS is extremely crowded, particularly from the expressway smart-interchange (Moriyama IC) and the Kasugai area. Please anticipate that there may be delays when driving.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)




Any Questions?

Please try to contact your school first, as NIS cannot handle phone calls at the moment. You can send an email to and we will try to reply back as soon as possible.

ご不明な点はご在籍先の学校にお問い合わせいただくか、 までお問い合わせください。

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