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Introducing the NIS Little Dolphins Club!


The NIS Little Dolphins Club is an after school program aimed at supporting NIS families with after school childcare needs, allowing parents the flexibility and peace of mind they need to both work and take care of their families. Please carefully read the following information and requirements to determine whether your child is eligible for this after school service. Families must enroll their children quarterly, and students who sign-up for a full-week program are given higher priority for placement into the program. If you have questions please contact the Development Office at

Program Details

NIS "Little Dolphins Club" will run daily when school is in session. The program will start after NIS classes are finished - from 15:30-18:00 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and from 14:15-18:00 on Wednesdays. Students who participate in NIS organized after school activities (ASAs) will be allowed to participate in ASAs, and program staff will pick-up students from their activity.

"Little Dolphins Club" will be located in the "Clubhouse" (the second floor of the NIS Fieldhouse). There will be opportunities for the students to also play outside when weather permits and library time will be built into the program, too!

Caregivers will supervise outdoor play and create activities to keep the children happy and healthy until their parents can arrive at the school. There will be a maximum of 14 students enrolled at any given day to ensure that each student gets the attention and support they need.


Participation Requirements

  • Children must be 3-11 years old (ELC Preschool - Gr. 5) and currently enrolled as an NIS student.
  • Both parents, or the parent in a single parent household, must be employed and must provide documentation to prove employment.


Cost and Payment Information

  • The cost per child is ¥7,500/week.
  • For weeks with less than 5 days, the cost will be prorated based on a daily charge of ¥1,500/day.
  • Fees are payable quarterly in advance.
  • There are no refunds for absences or early withdrawals.
  • If families withdraw and then wish to re-enroll, they will be placed on a waiting list, if required.
  • Payment will be made through the business office, similar to tuition.


Parental Commitment

  • Parents are required to complete and sign all registration forms and parental agreements.
  • Parents commit to payment of all fees in advance.
  • Parents agree to punctual pick up of their child. Frequent tardiness could result in additional fees and disenrollment in the program.


Other Information

Positive Behavior Support

  • Participants in the Little Dolphins Club are expected to follow the standard behavioral guidelines and policies set forth by NIS.


Health and Safety

  • Students will be covered under NIS insurance.
  • Carers will be equipped to perform basic first aid.
  • Students with health or allergy issues will be cared for in accordance with their health record on file with the school. This information will be checked to confirm it is up to date during the registration process. 



  • Students will be escorted to the Clubhouse after the school day ends or after the student’s ASA finishes.
  • Students will be supervised by the carers if they have to move around the school grounds, for any reason. For example, if they go to the library or have some other activities that take them away from the Clubhouse.
  • Students will remain with the carers until they are picked up by their parents.
  • Children may be able to ride the shuttle to Kozoji with special permission.


Our Commitment

NIS Little Dolphins Club is Committed to Provide:

  • safe arrival of students to the Clubhouse after class or ASA dismissal
  • safe care and oversight until parents pick up their child 
  • proper student to carer ratio (7:1 maximum)
  • opportunities for indoor and outdoor play when permissible
  • guidance and encouragement to complete homework assignments
  • other opportunities for fun and learning
  • a space for smaller children to rest or nap, if needed
  • a small, daily snack 


Questions? Contact the Development Office at

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