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Kidzuna Community Connection World Book Day 2015


The Kidzuna Community Connection outreach events are a chance for the NIS community to welcome children from neighboring schools and enjoy fun activities, as well as practice their English. We also try to include a number of NIS Elementary School volunteers to also take part in the activities, and, of course, to act as welcoming hosts for our guests.

The next event is the "World Book Day 2015", which will be on Sunday, March 8

The theme is "Real and Imagined Journeys" - folk tales, fairy tales and fantasy, as well as our own special journeys. As always, we will enjoy a range of picture books before challenging ourselves to activities such as: 

  • Participating through a special World Book Day stamp-rally
  • Designing a new book cover for your favorite book
  • Creating a fantasy or fairy tale
  • Creating amazing new book characters
  • Making a treasure map
  • Making an original scrap book of a real journey you have made.

We look forward to seeing everyone in our community coming out to join in the activities!





 皆様もご存知の通り、次回のイベントはWorld Book Day(世界図書・著作権デー)を祝うものになります。



  • 実際の旅と想像の旅
  • 民話、童話、ファンタジー
  • 自分自身の特別な旅


  • World Book Dayのスタンプラリー
  • お気に入りの本の、オリジナルブックカバーのデザイン
  • ファンタジーや童話の作成
  • 面白いキャラクター作り
  • 宝の地図の作成
  • 実際に行なった旅のオリジナルスクラップブックの作成、等

 もし、交換したい本や、処分されたい本がございましたらぜひお持ちください。NIS PTAが12時より本の交換を開催予定です。



For more information, please email: