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International Women's Day

Nagoya Action Heroes is a "service as action" club with the aim of creating awareness of and dialogue around sexual harassment. In recognition of International Women's Day, they organized a series of activities and prompts during their project: 

Day 1:  Friday, March 2, 2018

  • Who? All students in grades 9 to 11, all teachers and all parents across all genders. Have you ever experienced dress policing in a public space? Has someone ever told you what to wear or what not to wear? Share your story via Instagram: @nagoyaactionheroes, Twitter: @nagoya_heroes or Email:

Use the hashtag #INeverAskForIt and share your story of

    1. Photostory -- an image of what you were wearing or your dress
    2. A narrative/or a 140 character experience, a quote or a dialogue

Stories will be exhibited around the school on March 8, Thursday, on International Women’s day.

Day 2:  Monday, March 5

What does it mean to ask for consent?

  • Who?  All middle school students
  • Where?  Commons
  • What? 15 minutes workshop on the importance of seeking consent

Day 4:  Wednesday, March 7

Why Loiter? #IWillGoOut

  • Who?  Women Only (grades 9 -- 11, parents, teachers)
  • Where?  Social Media (Twitter, Instagram, Email)
  • What? Send us a story about how you reclaim public spaces. You could be sitting alone in a bar, or in a park, on the train, walking alone on the street at night or in a secluded area, spaces that sometimes make women think twice, or instill fear, about going to at certain hours.Take a selfie in a public space with 140 character story. #IWillGoOut

Day 5:  Thursday, March 8

Celebration of Stories  #IWillGoOut  #INeverAskForIt

  • What? Gallery Walk of Stories
  • Where? TBD
  • When?  All Day