Nagoya International School

Chubu Perspectives Discussion Series II

Post-COVID Foreign Businesses in Chubu
A Gaijin Perspective on Opportunities and Challenges Ahead

June 2 (Thu) • 6:30-8:30 pm • Nagoya International School East Building Multipurpose Hall (MPH)  

Join us to hear some of the top foreign leaders in Chubu talk about the Post-COVID business environment in the Chubu Region.  What are some opportunities and how can we all take part and thrive in the rebirth of economic recovery?  What challenges lie ahead and how can we address them to benefit the local Chubu economy?

Edited video will be available on YouTube as soon as possible after the event! 

*NOTE: This panel discussion will be conducted in English and Japanese translation will be available



学校法人名古屋国際学園イースト・ビル 多目的ホール

中部地方の外国人ビジネスリーダーがポストコロナの中部経済について語ります。ポストコロナのビジネスチャンスとは? それらを中部経済の再生に繋げるカギは何か?またそこに待ち受ける課題は?そしてそれらを中部経済の発展に活かすため、私たちコミュニティの役割とは?



Meet the Panelists!

About the NIS Chubu Perspectives Discussion Series: The "NIS Chubu Perspectives Discussion Series" are a series of discussions on global and local issues important to Chubu from the perspective of internationalism, education and culture from the lens of the Nagoya International School community.



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