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2022 Walkathon Organizations

Organizations Receiving 2022 Funding

The ACCJ/NIS Walkathon was able to support various charitable organizations in the region that, in turn, provide support for children in local orphanages, the homeless and others in need throughout the Chubu region. Below is a list of the 17 organizations that received support in 2022 that were announced at a ceremony held at NIS and organized by NIS 10th Grade Japanese Language students.  The total amount of donations was ¥3,500,000.


Homes for Children

Nanzan Ryo   ¥200,000
南山寮 (昭和区)
Nanzan Ryo provides a home for children who come from families with difficult circumstances.

Washinkan Children's Home   ¥100,000
Washinkan Children’s Home runs a home for children who come from families with difficult circumstances.

Chubu Children's Fund   ¥1,500,000
Provides funding and support for projects that empower, educate and inspire children residing in homes for children in the Chubu Area.


Support for Children

Childline Aichi    ¥50,000
Childline Aichi provides a telephone hotline service for young people up to 18 years of age.

Nagoya YMCA   ¥100,000
Nagoya YMCA organizes a number of charity activities and supports educational programs for children. 


Support for People with Different Abilities

Aoinokaze lchihoshi  ¥100,000
Aoinokaze Ichihoshi provides support programs for children with a developmental disability and their families, and runs a food pantry service.

Asunaro  ¥100,000
Asunaru provides a place to work, Cafe Asunaro, for those who are mentally and physically challenged. 

Fureai Nagoya  ¥100,000
ふれあい名古屋  (港区)
NPO Fureai Nagoya provides transportation, day care service, and help for families with children who have severe challenges. 

Nagoya Te o Tsunagu Ikuseikai  ¥50,000
“Nagoya Te o Tsunagu Ikuseikai” provides programs for people with mental challenges so that they can become more self-reliant and be involved in social activities.

Work Center Friends Hoshizaki   ¥100,000
ワークセンターフレンズ星崎  (南区)
Work Center Friends Hoshizaki provides a workplace for people with mental and physical challenges who cannot sustain regular employment, and offers training courses and transition support for those who, despite having challenges, hope to work for ordinary businesses. 

Yutaka Fukushi Kai   ¥100,000
ゆたか福祉会 ゆたか作業所 (南区)
Yutaka Fukushi Kai provides various welfare services for people with mental and physical challenges and a nursing home. 

Japan Service Dog Association  ¥100,000
日本介助犬協会  (長久手市)
Japan Service Dog Association trains and promotes the training of service dogs to be able to help people with challenges. 


Support for Patients

Make a Wish Japan® ¥200,000
メイク ア ウィッシュ オブ ジャパン 名古屋支部(中村区)
“Make a Wish Japan” helps children with incurable diseases between 3-18 years of age make their “wish” or dreams come true.

Aichi Bone Marrow Bank Support Association  ¥100,000
Aichi Bone Marrow Bank Support Association supports patients and families who have undergone bone marrow transplants in Aichi, and holds a bone-marrow registration drive and public awareness activities. 


Support for People in Need

Sasashima Christian Association  ¥100,000
笹島キリスト教連絡会 (昭和区)
Sasashima Christian Association provides food, welfare benefits, and health consulta­tions for the homeless in Chubu.

CAPNA  ¥250,000
子供の虐待防止ネットワーク・あいち (中区)
CAPNA (Child Abuse Prevention Network Aichi) provides a hotline service and shelters for children and their mothers who have suffered from domestic violence and sexual crimes. 

Kakekomi Women's Center Aichi  ¥250,000
Kakekomi Women's Center Aichi provides shelter for women who have suffered from domestic violence and sexual assault.

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