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Our Community

Being internationally minded requires not only a greater awareness of the world around you, but also an understanding your role within it. Achieving our mission for each and every student requires not only a belief in the importance of students developing a strong foundation academically, but also an appreciation for the communities that students will serve. 

At NIS, we understand that our goals as a community are achieved only when we are in partnership with our wider community. Our community is also what sets NIS apart — a solid core of educators, families, friends and businesses continually working together toward a common goal.

In addition to teachers and staff, NIS parents play an important role in making our community as supportive and nurturing as possible. Parents not only support students in the classroom through PTA-related activities and events, but also by providing diverse windows into cultures and communities that the school otherwise would not have access to. 
By participating and involving our greater community, students at NIS are able to learn and grow in an environment that allows them to mature and develop while understanding their roles – and their responsibilities – in the world we share.