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Dolphin Tales

Traveling the World

Kenta and Purusha (class of 2011) were married in 2020 and now they are enjoying the adventures of a lifetime as they travel the world together.


Where are you living now?
We are currently in Buenos Aires, Argentina. But we haven’t had a permanent address since December 2021.

What kind of adventures are you having these days?
We used to work in an international back office consulting firm in Tokyo, but we left our jobs to travel for a little bit. We packed our bags in December of 2021 and we have been traveling the world ever since. Argentina is currently country number 37 on this trip!

What are you enjoying most with your current adventures?
Purusha: I really enjoy experiencing new countries and cultures. Some of the landscapes and places we have been able to see in real life have been amazing.

Kenta: I also enjoy tasting local food and delicacies, especially street food. We also try to visit countries where we have friends and family because we don’t get to see them often, which has also been great.

What kind of challenges, if any, are you facing with your adventures?
Luckily we haven’t been faced with major challenges, just little bumps on the road. We do always have to keep an eye on our budget and on the news to make sure wherever we are heading is safe. For example, we recently had to (sadly) change our route to avoid Peru because of the current situation. 

Did NIS influence / help you in your decision to do what you are now doing?
Purusha: I think that the courses we took at NIS helped us be confident in taking calculated risks. Sometimes there isn’t a “best answer” but we discuss things together to try to make the best alternative decision. This also means we problem-solve a lot. The training we had to be flexible thinkers really helps us in doing this. 

Kenta: Language barriers haven’t been too much of a problem, but being bilingual really helps. We are able to research information in both English and Japanese (and sometimes with our limited ability of other languages) while we travel. We definitely brushed up our research skills with IB too, so gathering information for our travel is not that hard.

What’s the one thing that gets you really excited these days? 
Purusha: We’re actually just one month away from completing our trip and heading home. This journey has been so much fun, but I’m also excited to go home to see family and see Japan!

Kenta: The football (soccer) culture in South America is on a completely new level, and I’m enjoying immersing myself in that at the moment. We are ending our trip soon which makes me a little sad, but we plan on traveling around Japan when we get back, so that is very exciting too!

What’s the one thing you miss most about Japan? 
Food, family and friends!

Lastly, what words of wisdom do you have for today’s Dolphins?
Take risks and do what makes you happy! There isn’t just one path to get to where you want to be, so don’t be afraid to change it up!



芙児紗(以下P ):様々な未知の国や文化を体験できることです。本当に素晴らしい景色や場所を実際に訪れてこの目で見ることが出来、感動しました。

健太(以下K ):その土地ならではの食べ物、グルメ、特に屋台の味などを味わえるのもいいです。また、友達や家族のいる国を訪ねて会いに行くようにもしていますから、こんな機会でもなければ会えない人たちに会えるのはとても嬉しいですね。