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Dolphin Tales

Studying Veterinary Medicine

Amillia, class of 2020, is chasing her passion in Sydney, Australia studying veterinary medicine while missing her pet snake and lizards back home.


Where are you now?
I am in Australia attending the University of Sydney. 
What are you studying? What is your field of study/major?
I am studying to be a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. 

What was your favourite class so far?
My favourite class is called Professional Skills because every lesson and assessment is purely hands-on skills! Each class is a day long in a different location depending on the animal. For horses, cows, pigs, chickens, and sheep we go to the university farm and for dogs and cats we either go to the shelter or the university teaching hospital. The coolest thing I’ve learnt in this class so far is the pregnancy diagnosis of cows. We put on a long sleeve called a “rectal glove” and feel for the uterus through the cow's rectum! 

What was your least favourite class so far?
My least favourite was chemistry that I had to take in my first year because I had no idea what I was doing having not taken chemistry in IB. I am very happy to be done with that class.  

What part of university life do you enjoy the most?
Although it's a challenging course, I am with my friends all the time who have similar niche interests to me, so it’s really fun to work hard and celebrate hard together!

Outside of your studies, what is one thing that you are excited about or interested in these days?
My studies take up most of my time during the semester so I have been trying to document my life in videos and photos, which I want to post to social media eventually. I have also gotten into reading because it is a nice break from technology. I’ve found myself enjoying a few fantasy books by Haruki Murakami because it reminds me of Japan and Japanese culture!

What is the one thing you miss about Japan (or Nagoya)?
The FOOD, shopping, karaoke, reliable public transport, and my pet snake and lizards. 
Sorry I couldn’t pick one!!

What’s the biggest difference between where you are now and NIS?
The school is much bigger than NIS so it took a while to get used to, compared to NIS where I knew everyone! It’s definitely a lot scarier to ask a question in a huge lecture hall compared to an NIS classroom. 

What words of wisdom do you have for your schoolmates still at NIS?
Take time to explore your passions and dream big! Also get as much support as you need, there’s never anything wrong with asking for help.