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Studying Hard in Tokyo

Leon, class of 2021, is enjoying his studies in Tokyo, appreciating the habits instilled NIS’s IB program.


Where are you now?
Tokyo, Japan attending Hosei University

What are you studying? What is your field of study/major?
I'm an Economics Major and Management Minor here at Hosei. 

What was your favorite class so far?
I enjoy my classes since economics is one of my favourite subjects. In addition, the field of economics is a gateway to many other focuses and academic areas! 

My department, IGESS, offers a plethora of perspectives and practical advice that I can learn and brush up on! Love it!

What part of university life do you enjoy the most? 
In university life, I enjoy the big community you can build at a big college like this. I'm currently a Campus Director for an American Business Contest, and I enjoy getting into new passions, hobbies and cultures. 

Outside of your studies, what's the one thing that you are really enjoying or most excited about these days? 
Right now, I'm into farming my own food.

What's the one thing you miss most about NIS? 
I miss the comfort of being in NIS for such a long time. 14 years! NIS and the IB Curriculum are what made me who I am today. People change through time, but core values will stay similar throughout time. 

Whenever I come to a time of trial, I swear, I can't stop thinking like an IB Student! 

Lastly, what words of wisdom do you have for your schoolmates still at NIS? 
The world is much bigger than you think, don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. I'm still learning my environment, but I guarantee that College/University is the place to let loose, explore and learn! 

I wish you the very best; Inquire, Inspire and Impact!