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Dolphin Tales

Staying the Course in NYC

Keith, Class of 2015, has chased his goal and now is looking for his dream job in Real Estate Development.


Where are you living now?
I’m living in New York City, in Manhattan.

What kind of work are you doing?
Well, I’m right in the middle of job hunting. I just graduated from Columbia University with a Master’s in Real Estate Development. I’m looking for a position as a Real Estate Analyst.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
I anticipate the most gratifying part of this career that I’ve chosen to pursue will be having a hand in the entire process, from buying the land through the designing and building to managing and possibly selling a piece of commercial property. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

What kind of challenges does it hold for you?
I anticipate that the learning curve will be steep. There is so much to know in this business and a lot to absorb from the very beginning. But this is my dream, and I’m ready to start!

Did NIS help you prepare for your current position in any way?
NIS really helped with learning how to multitask. With everything that high school life entailed, from extracurriculars and the IB curriculum with its many working parts, like CAS, you had to constantly be keeping up with many things at one time. This was a great skill to learn in high school, and it serves me still.

What’s the one thing that you are really enjoying or most excited about these days? 
I’ve been enjoying traveling outside of New York state a bit lately. I haven’t seen a lot of the U.S., so I’m trying to see more of this big country. One place I visited recently was Las Vegas. It was straight out of a movie and flashier than Times Square!

What’s the one thing you miss most about Japan/ Nagoya/ NIS? 
This might sound a little cliche, but I guess I miss things like family the most. And of course, food! I miss the healthiness of everyday Japanese food and feel like you have to seek out healthy choices here. And this might not have much to do with Japan, but I miss the ‘carefree life’ I lived there. Adulting has its stressors!

Lastly, what words of wisdom do you have for today’s Dolphins?
This is a great question. I think my advice is to have a dream…and end goal…and then be ambitious in going after it. This is what should drive you every day. But be careful not to compare your path with people around you. The important thing to remember is that reaching your end goal should be at your pace. It might take longer or shorter than your peers but don’t let that bother you and keep on course. Another important thing to remember is that the end goal can change as you are chasing it, and that’s OK! Let the process motivate you!