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Dolphin Tales

From the Second Graduating Class

David, Class of 1969, is now retired, but still fondly remembers his time and the “positives” from NIS while kicking back and listening to music.


Where are you living now?
I live in two places: New Bedford Massachusetts since 1982, and Key West Florida since 1997.

What kind of work are you doing?
I retired in 2015 after 35 years in the import/export business, mostly seafood exports to Japan and then Korea and China.

What’s the one thing that you are really enjoying or most excited about these days?
I’ve always enjoyed listening to music and have always been “into” audio equipment. I have a fair number of vinyl records that are the mainstay of the collection. CDs too of course. And even ‘78s, cassettes, and some 8-tracks. I recently added a McIntosh amp to my “collection” and am sort of excited about the way it sounds.

Was there a teacher at NIS who stood out or who had a positive influence on you?
Come on…! Is this a trick question? OK! OK! Yes, there WAS such a teacher: my senior year physics teacher. 21 years after I graduated I married her:  Carolee Matsumoto.

What’s your fondest memory from your time at NIS?
That’s a tough one! The fondest ones should still remain secret because I don’t want to implicate anyone else. Nor do I want to negatively influence anyone still at NIS…...

What’s the one thing you miss most about your time at NIS/ Nagoya/ Japan?
I miss being pain-free. But that was just the age I was I suppose. I’d like to be 17 again, but knowing what I know now. We were pretty isolated from the outside world in those days, so we were pretty naive about things. Also, always being in the 2nd from the top grade meant that there were few “elders” to learn from. I was in 8th grade when NIS started, so the 9th graders were the oldest class. A grade was added each year until 12th was reached. Anyway, we were isolated from the world in one way, but in another we knew the world better than many of those I got to know in my first year of college in the States.  For example, they didn’t have beer vending machines in the U.S. I also think that although NIS didn’t have “everything” as did some other larger schools, I got a good education there and having been at NIS was much more of a “plus” than the few “negatives” that we endured. Back to the question: What do I miss?   Just being younger!

Lastly, what words of wisdom do you have for today's Dolphins?
It will sound ridiculous to most of you students at NIS but take the time to appreciate where you are because after you leave there (as you should of course want to) you’ll never go back. Meanwhile, apply yourself in class (again, “of course”) but also develop other interests, whether music, or art, or carpentry, or running, or cooking, or local history, or whatever interests you. Any such skills and knowledge will make you a more interesting person and will open doors for you later in life.




おいおい、これ答えなきゃいけない? しょうがないなあ・・・はいはい、いましたよ。素敵な先生が。12年生の時の物理の先生です。卒業して21年後、私の妻になりました。キャロリー・松本先生です。