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Dolphin Tales

From NIS Student to NIS Teacher

After graduating from Nagoya University, Akira, Class of 2017, finds herself back in Nakashidami. But this time she’s in front of the classroom receiving valuable mentorship and experience as a student-teacher to eventually become a full-fledged teacher in an international school!


Where are you living now?
I'm still living in Nagoya! 
What kind of work are you doing?
I'm currently a student-teacher at NIS while taking an online teaching preparation course. 
What do you enjoy most about what you’re doing?
I like lesson planning the most! I get to be a little creative and think about how I can deliver the content effectively for the students but in my own way! I'm also enjoying my small personal teaching victories, like not forgetting to take attendance in the morning. 
What kind of challenges does it hold for you?
It's been challenging to see the school from a different perspective. I was a serious and studious student, so it's been a challenge to distance myself from thinking about how I used to approach school as a student. Now, I reflect on how I want to think about school as a teacher. Finding my style or identity as a teacher is still in the works, but I have amazing people around me who support me. 
Did NIS help you prepare for your current position in any way?
I'm not sure. I remember teaching and helping out many of my peers during high school, but it never made me want to become a teacher. Though coming back here, I've met so many incredible people, and it's very heartwarming to know that I received my education in such an environment. 
What's the one thing that you are really enjoying or getting most excited about these days?
My teaching practicum has been, as expected, tough but it is as equally or even more rewarding than I expected! I'm really focusing all of my energy into my teaching practice and enjoying every single second of it! 
What's the one thing you miss most about Japan/Nagoya? 
Because I still live here, I still get to experience Japan and Nagoya in all its glory! But, I do miss all my friends who have moved away from me and now are living abroad. 
And of course, we need to know, what words of wisdom do you have for today's Dolphins?
Grow as you go! A school is a place full of opportunities to build your interests, try new things, and gain new knowledge. It's also a place where you can make lots and lots of mistakes and learn from them! I wish that I was less afraid of not being perfect, made more mistakes, and challenged myself when I was younger.