Dolphin Tales

Finishing Studies, Excited for the Future

Jubei, Class of 2018, is excited to finish his university studies and start his next journey working for a major Japanese company as a game designer/developer! 


Where are you now?
I am a student at Hosei University in Tokyo, but due to COVID, my classes are online so I have been living in Nagoya and taking my classes online. 

What are you studying? 
I study Economics in English (IGESS), and since my seminar is related to accounting I also study accounting in Japanese.

What was your most favorite class so far?
My favorite class so far is "Special Studies Business Japanese", which I took in 2020. It's a class related to job-hunting, so it helped me a lot to get a job in Japan - and helped make my dreams come true with my future job so I really appreciate the professor who taught this class.

What was your least favorite class so far?
Actually there were a lot of classes that weren't interesting, but my least favorite classes were classes from SCOPE ("Sustainability Co-creation Programme"); The content was very boring and I never enjoyed it (sorry to the students from SCOPE!). 

What part of university life do you enjoy the most?
Since I have not been on campus for almost two years, I feel like I have been missing the most exciting part of university life, but I enjoy talking to friends from the English department and the Japanese department.

Outside of your studies, what is one thing you are excited about or interested in these days?
Working out in the gym. I go to the gym more than four times a week so I think going to the gym and working out is the most exciting thing I enjoy these days. Also, I am going to work as a game designer in Japan from April, 2023, so I am really looking forward to that.

What is the one thing you miss about Japan (or Nagoya)?
Since our classes are online, I actually still live in Nagoya now so I actually don't know to be honest, but when I leave Nagoya I think I will miss my friends and parents who all live in Nagoya.

What's the most significant difference between where you are now and NIS?
The most significant difference between now and NIS is that I have to be more independent than when I was a student in NIS. When I was at NIS, a lot of teachers helped me get into college and helped me with my studies, but university students have to be more independent than high school students, so I think this is the most significant difference between now and when I was at NIS. 



2020年に取ったSpecial Studies Business Japaneseという授業が一番面白かったです。就活関連の授業なのですが、この授業を履修したおかげで国内の第一志望の企業から内定をいただいたと言っても過言ではないので、本当にこの授業の教授には感謝しています。

あまり面白くないと思った授業はたくさんありますが、一番つまらなかったと感じたのはSustainability Co-creation programme, SCOPEの授業ですね(SCOPEの生徒たちよ、大変申し訳ない...)。理由としては純粋に授業の内容が面白くなかったからですね。