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Excited in Florida

Alex, from the Class of 2020, is in her last undergrad semester in Florida, excited about the next chapter in her educational journey.


Where are you now?
I am in Florida studying at Florida Southern College

What are you studying? What is your field of study/major?
Biology with minors in Ethics and Chemistry on the pre-dental track

What was your favorite class so far?
I have really enjoyed my ethics classes, which help to provide a respite from my rigorous science classes. My favorite ethics class was Medical Ethics, where we discussed highly charged issues like abortion and euthanasia. My ethics classes really help me understand my beliefs and help me defend them more effectively.

What was your least favorite class so far?
Least favorite class has been either microbiology or physics. They are very strenuous and not my forte.

What part of university life do you enjoy the most?
I really love making connections with my fellow students and professors, as well as being involved in clubs and organizations.

Outside of your studies, what’s the one thing that you are really enjoying or most excited about these days?
I am most excited for my future as I am in my last semester of undergrad and really trying to enjoy my classes and my friends. I am going to LECOM Dental school in Bradenton in the fall and am so happy all of my hard work these past four years have been worth it. So now I am figuring out housing and scholarships.

What’s the one thing you miss most about Japan/ Nagoya/ NIS?
I miss the community and the teachers. Everyone was so kind and understanding and I miss all of my friends that I made at NIS.

Lastly, what words of wisdom do you have for your schoolmates still at NIS?
Things are going to get really hard but just remember you always have this community built at NIS that are cheering you on and there for you. I am personally still very good friends with many of the people I met at NIS and love to see how successful everyone is becoming.