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Continuing to be International

Misa, Class of 2019, while on an exchange program, is exchanging ideas with fellow students, enjoying her studies both in Tokyo and the UK.


Where are you now?
Currently, I am studying a year abroad as an exchange student at the University of Warwick in the United Kingdom. My home university is in Tokyo, Japan in Waseda University. 

What are you studying? Do you have a major?
At the University of Warwick, I am studying Global Sustainable Development. At my home university (Waseda University), I am in the School of International Liberal Studies.  

What has been your favorite class so far?
Currently, one of my favorite subjects would be “Sustainable Cities”, where we study urban areas and its impact on the environment as well as discussing sustainable trajectories of human development. 

What has been your least favorite class so far?
Although I enjoy most of my classes, a class that would potentially be my least favorite would be “Achieving Sustainability: Potentials and Barriers”. The reason being, the course aims for students to have an overarching understanding of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, instead of focusing deeply on one aspect of sustainability. 

What part of university life do you enjoy the most? 
Personally, I enjoy talking about our studies with students from different departments, as you gain knowledge from others with different backgrounds and different strengths. Living in a dorm has allowed me to enjoy my studies even more, as we get to spend all day together, whether it be studying, cooking, or going out.  

Outside of your studies, what is one thing you are excited about or interested in these days?
Being a study abroad student, I enjoy studying and learning the culture of the UK. Whether it is just grocery shopping or walking around the city with friends, studying abroad has opened my eyes to the culture as well as the difference in culture between here and Japan. 

What is the one thing you miss about Nagoya?
Besides my friends and family that are back in Nagoya, I truly miss the environment in Nagoya, as well as NIS. In regards to NIS, I miss being able to discuss issues or just talk in general to any of the teachers, and the close knit environment there. 

What's the most significant difference between where you are now and NIS?
One significant difference between NIS and university life is the number of students. In NIS, you are able to have close relations with everyone in your grade, whereas in university, the number of students does not allow this. However, with more students, you are exposed to a variety of people from different backgrounds, which in turn leads to a variety of opinions and new ideas. 

What is your dream or goal after graduating from Waseda University?
I realized in my second year at Waseda University that I was very interested in classes related to sustainability studies, so I wanted to study sustainability studies during my study abroad. I started studying GSD (Global Sustainable Development) in the UK and am looking for an internship related to sustainability and climate change consulting. Throughout my year of study abroad, I hope to learn about GSD and continue to work in a job related to what I am studying after I graduate from university.

What words of wisdom do you have for your schoolmates still at NIS?
NIS has been my second home for as long as I can remember. Being an international school, the hardest memories at NIS were saying goodbye to my friends. However, this allowed me to have friends internationally. Even in my third year of university, I still consider my friends in NIS to be my closest. My advice would be to focus on the balance between friends and your studies, and keeping contact with your closest friends wherever in the world you or they may end up. 




「Sutainable Cities(持続可能都市)」といって、都市のサステナビリティ、環境への影響について学び、サステナブルな人間社会の発展などについて話し合ったりするクラスが好きです。

ほとんどのクラスは好きなのですが、1つ選ぶとしたら「Achieving Sustainability: Potentials and Barriers (持続性の実現における可能性と課題)」でしょうか。サステナビリティについてひとつの観点から深く掘り下げるというよりは、国連の17の持続可能な開発目標の全般的理解が目的のコースだからです。





早稲田大学に通っている間、サステイナビリティ学に関係する授業にとても興味があると2年目に気づいたため、留学中はサステイナビリティ学を勉強したいと思いました。イギリスでGSD(Global Sustainable Development)を勉強し始め、サステイナビリティと気候変動のコンサルティング関連のインターンを探し中です。留学の1年間を通し、GSDについて学びながら、大学卒業後も今勉強していることに関連する仕事をしたいと思っています。