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Dolphin Tales

Being creative both in and out of the classroom!

Marie-Ève, Class of 2019, is back in her home province of Quebec pursuing creative endeavors in film both in and out of the classroom!


Where are you now?
I’m currently living in Laval [Quebec], studying at the University of Montréal, in Canada.

What are you studying? What is your field of study/major?
I’m studying Film in a theoretical way (things like film analysis, film history and the theories of filmmakers) and a practical way (learning about sound, light, and making short films). I’ll actually be graduating this semester!

What was your favorite class so far?
It’s hard to choose one because there are so many fun classes but I would say that my favorite is "Directed Projects." In this class (that lasts two semesters) we make our own 10 minute short film, from creating the story to editing the image and sound, with support from our teachers. I think it’s the perfect opportunity to apply everything I’ve learned in university so far, and I love that I can let my creativity shine.

What was your least favorite class so far?
My least favorite class was "Language and materials of expression". I think the subject itself had the potential to be interesting, but the way that the teacher taught the class didn’t make us students curious, and it also didn’t help that the class was cut short because of the pandemic.

What part of university life do you enjoy the most?
I’m part of my university’s dance troupe, and this has been an opportunity to meet new people while doing something that I enjoy. It’s also a nice way to make friends that are doing a different major, and exchange on our different experiences in university.

Outside of your studies, what is one thing you are excited about or interested in these days?
During the pandemic I started to do more photography, which was already a hobby of mine, but my free time gave me an opportunity to learn more about it and to practice. I enjoyed planning concepts and poses, and worked on my editing skills.

What is the one thing you miss about Japan (or Nagoya)?
Apart from my friends, I would say that I especially miss the food. Even though we can buy or make some Japanese dishes here in Canada, it doesn’t compare to what I’ve eaten while in Japan.

What's the biggest difference between where you are now and NIS?
The language! Studying in English and living in a country where I didn’t speak the language was a challenge, but with it came many amazing experiences. I’m glad to be back in my home country and studying in my mother tongue, French, but I’ll never forget all of the adventures I had during my time in Japan.

And of course, we need to know, what words of wisdom do you have for today's Dolphins?
Make the most of the time you have with your friends, because with the big changes that university brings, and with an international school like NIS, it might be harder to see them as often. So make memories that you can happily look back on!