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Dolphin Tales

Actively Retired

Kara, Class of 1977, is enjoying a very active retirement in New Mexico, fondly remembering her time in Japan.


Where are you living now?
Cedar Crest, New Mexico, USA

What kind of work are/were you doing?
I had been doing shiatsu and massage therapy for 35 years but I retired a couple of years ago.

What’s the one thing that you are really enjoying or most excited about these days?
I really enjoy playing pickleball! It's fun, great exercise, and social. I volunteer quite a bit at a local charitable thrift store. Hiking, camping, and gardening are big for me, too. I love to identify birds and wildflowers when I'm outside. I guess that's more than one thing...

Was there a teacher at NIS who stood out or who had a positive influence on you?
I loved all the teachers but was especially inspired by the Aliferis/ Selby /Hackett trio. They changed my life!

What’s your fondest memory from your time at NIS?
Everything! Being in a small school meant we could all shine! I loved playing sports and being a cheerleader and working on the yearbook and being in drama. I loved traveling everywhere and feeling safe. I love the Japanese people and culture. It feels so recent that I was there, but it's been 50 years! My life changed forever because of NIS.

What’s the one thing you miss most about your time at NIS/ Nagoya/ Japan?
I remember that sense of belonging, of shining, of youthful excitement and strength. I miss the beauty of Japan. I wish I had traveled more. I miss it a lot, but I'm grateful for the time I had there.

Lastly, what words of wisdom do you have for today's Dolphins?
Don't take any of your time at NIS for granted. How lucky you all are to be there! Don't lose touch with your friends; you will need each other!