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Welcome to NIS!

Helpful Information for New Families


Welcome to NIS! We are pleased that your family is now a part of the NIS community and we look forward to engaging and partnering with you in the months ahead!

Some of the information on this page may help your family transition into NIS. Here you can find information on the NIS school bus, supply lists, the school calendar, billing and Cezars Kitchen, as well as a description of our community expectations for communication between home and school.


School Bus

If you are interested in registering for the school bus, and know your address or the area where you will be living, please contact us as soon as possible. We have maps and can send them to you via email, or you can access the bus maps HERE (password is "dolphins"). To register for the school bus, you must submit the Bus Registration Form. If you have any questions regarding bus registration, please contact us via email HERE. Please note that there have been some changes to the bus route for 2023-24 and some previous stops have been eliminated. 



Contact Information

NIS requires up-to-date contact information before enrollment. Once you know your home address in Nagoya, please let us know as soon as possible. Before enrollment, we also require two mobile phone numbers - one for each parent - to operate our school emergency notice system. We also need other updated contact information (such as new email addresses, home telephone numbers, etc.) when available, as soon as possible.




Invoices are issued at the point of registration for all applicable tuition and fees and are payable within 14 days or before enrollment, whichever is earlier. Registration and billing policies can be found HERE.


Supply Lists

The school supplies most of the general items needed, but there are Items your child will need to prepare from home before starting school. These items are different for the following grades:

  • ELC Supply List (PDF)
  • Gr 1-5 Supply List (PDF)
  • Gr 6 Supply List (PDF)
  • Gr 7-8 Supply List (PDF)
  • Gr. 9-12 Supply List (PDF)


NIS T-Shirt Order

We are exited to provide complimentary NIS T-shirts to new students! The default size for specific grades is below; if you wish to order a different size for your child, please contact us.

Grade/T-shirt Size:

  • ELC 3 = 100/110
  • ELC 4/K = 120
  • Gr. 1-3 = 130
  • Gr. 4-5 = 150
  • MS Boys = M
  • MS Girls = S
  • HS Boys = L
  • HS Girls = M


Cezars Kitchen

Cezars Kitchen works on a debit system that enables students to purchase items without cash on a daily basis. Parents must set up an account online first HERE. After setting up an account for your child, students will be given an account number and either a 4-or 5-digit number which is usually given to students in the form of a card to help memorize their number; the card can be disposed of after the students feel confident without it. Cezars Kitchen makes every effort to issue the card with the student's I.D. number on the first day to make the starting process as easy as possible.

Cezars Kitchen offers students a choice of a la carte or set meals, as well as snacks and drinks sold in the cafeteria. If there are items parents would prefer students not to eat, or if students are spending too much, parents can inform Cezars Kitchen directly and restrictions can be placed on the accounts.

Payments can be made directly to Cezars Kitchen by cash at the cafeteria, bank transfer, or online through Paypal. Please check the Cezars Kitchen website for details regarding bank transfer and online payments. For more information, you may also contact Cezars Kitchen directly ( Monthly menus are viewable online HERE.


Parent Partners

"Parent Partners" are an important part of our school community and a way to support both the learning in the classroom and transitions as a parent. If you are interested in learning more about being a Parent Partner, please go HERE. There are three groups available for parents to sign-up for - either a “Transition” Parent, an “Outreach” Parent,  or a "PTA Volunteer". Sign-up HERE! We appreciate very much the support of our parents in making NIS a better place for everyone.


School/Home Communication


Email is the preferred method of communication for announcements from the school. You must give NIS one, regularly used email address and we expect that you will check this regularly. NIS sends email newsletters to parents at least twice a week and also for other special announcements. It is important that you inform the office if either of the email addresses change. Email is also a key way to communicate with your child’s teachers. If you have a question for a teacher, or wish to meet with a teacher, it is best to send an email to them directly.




NIS uses Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook to share, collaborate and celebrate the learning in our community. Parents are encouraged to follow these social media networks as well to learn about the school and activities. Photos are uploaded onto school photo galleries.



Campus Map

The NIS campus includes architecturally distinctive buildings that provide safe and comfortable spaces to encourage learning in all areas, including classrooms for all ages, specialist areas, outdoor spaces, a design and fabrication lab, a sports field, and play equipment for the younger students. Go HERE for a campus map and descriptions of each space!



As always, if you have any questions about the status of your application or what documents are missing, or anything else, please feel free to contact us at anytime!

Erik Olson-Kikuchi, Director of Admissions & Development  (
Kayoko Watanabe, Admissions Coordinator  (



2023-24 Calendar


2023-24 Bus Map



NIS Parking Map


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