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City Bus Options

From April, 2015, Nagoya city has added a couple bus routes that may be helpful for students and others to commute from the Meitetsu Inba or Obata stations to/from Minamihara. “Minamihara” is a bus-stop right in front of the cardboard factory at the street 2 blocks in front of NIS. Please note that one of these routes has only one run from Inba in the morning, and one run to Inba in the afternoon, and the other bus is also limited to mid-morning/early afternoon runs only. Inba and Obata are stations along the Meitetsu Seto train line. 


Inba to/from Minamihara Bus (ending at Kozoji)

This bus provides a single run in the morning from Inba to Kozoji, which stops at Minamihara. There is also one run from the afternoon back to Inba.

  • AM:  Morning from Inba station (one morning run) to Minamihara (continues to Kozoji)  Inba Departure: 7:08  (Minamihara arrival: 7:30)
  • PM:  Afternoon from Minamihara (ONE afternoon run) to Inba station.         Minamihara Pick-up: 17:45  (Inba arrival 18:07)

Minamihara to Obata Bus (starts from Fruits Park/Kozoji)

This bus makes one run per hour between Obata and “Fruits Park”, and back again, with stops in Inba, Science Park, Minamihara and Kozoji. This bus could be used to go from Minamihara to Inba/Obata like the above bus, but has two earlier departure times from Minamihara. (The morning run from Obata/Inba arrives at Minamihara too late to use in the morning – 8:50).

  • PM Minamihara Pick-up:  3:43  (Inba arrival: 4:09; Obata arrival: 4:20)
  • PM Minamihara Pick-up:  4:43  (Inba arrival: 5:09; Obata arrival: 5:20)