Scholarship Form (Needs-Based)


The form below is for Needs-Based Scholarships at NIS - either Annual Tuition Scholarships for both new or current NIS families, or for consideration for a One-Time Fee Scholarship, which new families can also apply for.  Both Annual Tuition Scholarships and One-Time Fee Scholarships are provided on the basis of financial need (defined as the difference between educational expenses and the family’s ability to pay). Each application is judged on its merits and expenses such as the number of children attending NIS, any NIS bus fees and any other extraordinary family expenses.

Families receiving scholarship awards must reapply each year. NIS will make every effort to continue to provide financial assistance at comparable levels when need warrants, although, depending upon the economic situation, this cannot be guaranteed.  Some families require assistance beyond what the program can offer, and unfortunately NIS is not able to meet all of the needs of all applicants.

It is expected that each applying family reads and understands the application process for both types of scholarships that are explained in detail below before submitting an application.