COVID-19 Scholarship Support

In response to the severe economic difficulties some of our families may be facing as a result of COVID-19, the NIS Board of Directors has empowered the NIS Scholarship Committee to make the below exceptions to the existing financial conditions of the 2020-2021 scholarship awards for current NIS families:



The 50% cap on scholarship awards is raised for families who have had sudden and severe demonstrable financial loss due to COVID-19. Families must apply for consideration for a Needs-Based Annual Tuition Scholarships as directed, but scholarship awards of up to 70% of tuition (rather than the usual 50%) may be awarded by the Scholarship Committee for the 2020-2021 academic year only. Parents should request consideration for this additional award directly to the Scholarship Committee in writing as part of the application form for Scholarship consideration.


Deferred Payment

For families undergoing a demonstrable cash-flow concern as a clear result of COVID-19, NIS is able to offer deferred payment for up to 12 months for tuition costs interest-free. A monthly repayment plan should be agreed with the school which is subject to a nominal interest rate (from the start of repayments) and an administration fee. Continued attendance incurs a legal liability for all tuition and fees. Parents should contact the school (via email) at for an application form and submit it by June 1 for consideration.




For questions about Admissions and general information about possible options for funding an NIS education, contact the NIS Admissions & Development Office at

For questions about Scholarships, contact the Scholarship Office at


Scholarship Application

After reading about the specific criteria and details about the application process, start the application process by submitting the appropriate application: