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Scholarship Application Process (New Families)


There are two types of scholarships for families applying for admissions for a new student or students - Annual Tuition Scholarships, which are needs-based, and One-Time Fee Scholarships, which families can apply for either as a needs-based or a merit-based scholarship to help reduce the cost of One-Time Fees.

Annual Tuition Scholarships  are provided on the basis of financial need (defined as the difference between educational expenses and the family’s ability to pay). Each application is judged on its merits and expenses such as the number of children attending NIS, any NIS bus fees and any other extraordinary family expenses.

Any new applicant family can also apply for a One-Time Fee Scholarship.  There are two components to One-Time Fee Scholarships, either Needs-Based or Merit-Based, and families may apply for either one (but not both).

It is expected that each applying family reads and understands the application process for both types of scholarships that are explained in detail below before submitting an application:


Annual Tuition & One-Time Fee Scholarship Application Process (Needs-Based)


One-Time Fee Scholarship Application Process  (Merit-Based)


For questions about Admissions and general information about possible options for funding an NIS education, contact the NIS Admissions & Development Office at

For questions about Scholarships, contact the Scholarship Office at


Scholarship Application

After reading about the specific criteria and details about the application process, start the application process by submitting the appropriate application: